Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare 2 simply completed its formal launch week-end after having a week of campaign very early access, together with term appears to be… good? Warzone 2.0’s nevertheless due November 16, but fundamental CoD multiplayer’s an organization, and despite some reports of crashing, it looks like the Boys of Autumn are joyfully fast scoping for their hearts’ content.

The first problem today is those crashes⁠—they’re near the top of record into the MW2 subreddit’s pests and problems megathread (starts in brand new tab), and players are swapping horror tales into the commentary with this post from redditor DemonOfLight (starts in brand new tab). The vast majority of MW2’s negative vapor reviews (starts in brand new tab) cite crashes since the cause for their thumbs down (MW2 happens to be sitting at “Mixed” status.) I really do gotta hand it to Steam individual Neek (starts in brand new tab)‘s summation of “crash of responsibility: modern mistakes 2.” Got ’em. Computer Gamer’s very own Morgan Park went into about nine such multiplayer crashes on the week-end, scarcely perfect.

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