Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare 2 players are in it once again. Perhaps not quite happy with defying both divine and normal legislation with MW2’s superman trick (starts in brand new tab), they have now create a irritating and nightmarish motion method they truly are calling the “G Walk,” which turns them into some sort of fast, barely-targetable primate. You can observe the reason below.

introducing_the_gwalk_in_mw2 from r/ModernWarfareII

Originally spotted by Jake Lucky on Twitter (starts in brand new tab), the key generally seems to allow players alternate betwixt a prone and standing place without the of this tiresome ‘animation’ company in-between, that has the unnerving effectation of making them seem like quadrupedal beasts loping in your direction at a million kilometers each hour. Obviously, in addition means they are pretty tough to target along with your restricted peoples appendages.

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