Modern Warfare 2 launch trailer is the best kind of COD nonsense

Call of Duty: Contemporary Warfare 2 (starts in brand new tab) remains a couple weeks from launch, but withn’t stopped Activision from rolling from formal launch trailer today. This new video clip is really a rough-and-tumble story of manly guys and unflinching ladies, detailed with an look by that man whom plays a competent-but-irritated army officer in virtually every film he seems in.

That’s Glen Morshower (starts in brand new tab), by the way—the man who would like to understand “how numerous they will have and in which they want to utilize them”—and if you were to think i am joking about their oeuvre, here is a examine a few of their work:

  • General Hayes in Madam Secretary
  • General Morshower in Transformers: the very last Knight
  • General Lane in Supergirl
  • General Jacobs in Agents of SHIELD
  • Major General Holtz into the guys whom Stare at Goats
  • General Cook in Fire From Below
  • General Washington in tragedy!
  • Admiral Hawley in Scandal
  • Admiral Halsey in Pearl Harbor
  • unnamed generals into the 4400 and Delta Farce

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