The old Miniclip logo

Boy o’ child this actually hurts to report. Miniclip is dead. The web site everyone knew and enjoyed being the ultimate house of activity as children and teenagers is certainly caused by gone. It is now a hollow shell of just what it used to be, although Miniclip, the organization, life on. The internet web browser game web site will likely be recalled due to the fact IT training disrupter and also the foundation for love of video gaming for several. Sleep in comfort. 

The news circulated Twitter and I also, like numerous others, hurried to see if it had been real. And unfortunately, when you attend Miniclip (starts in brand new tab)today, it appears like a random gambling web site a lot more than it can a hub of joy and excitement. Just two games stay: 8 Ball Pool and Slim pickings in comparison to just what it used to be. 

Two facets most likely generated this. The very first is that Adobe Flash power down (starts in brand new tab) by the end of 2020. Flash Player is really what numerous games lived on back your day and when there isn’t active help on games that may go them to HTML 5, well, they passed away. Tragic, but individuals proceed and ignore little web browser games they have made, we anticipate. 

(Image credit: Miniclip)

The other element would clearly be that more youthful audiences simply have actually much more news today. It was once unusual for kid to really have a committed unit to gain access to online nevertheless now it is prevalent. They’ve phones, iPads, along with other video gaming products which preoccupy time more succinctly than planning to places like Newgrounds, Nitrome, and well, Miniclip. And Miniclip has followed its market to these brand new video gaming platforms.

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