Brothers War - Gix the Phyrexian praetor rules over minions

In The Brothers War, Magic: the Gathering is putting away planeswalking and alternatively time walking (starts in brand new tab) back into its 1st storyline. 

Way in the first times of Magic: The Gathering, it broke all sorts of brand new ground and created the collectible card game. The notion of dueling planeswalking wizards had been pretty fantastical currently, however with Magic’s 2nd expansion Antiquities (starts in brand new tab)—released in March, 1994—the group at Wizards regarding the Coast stepped their game up with the newest set tell a tale. The brothers Urza and Mishra—each a strong wizard—fought over control of two effective rocks, as the very first look regarding the Phyrexians loomed as a result of their actions.

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