Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals installed on a computer desk

Logitech has produced title for it self in affordable Computer race tires over time, no longer therefore than using the G29. You could also understand its G920. And/or G923 (starts in brand new tab). Admittedly, there were numerous cranks regarding the wheel for just what’s all however the exact same item over time—”if it ain’t broke, do not correct it”—but we vow you this new driving gear on my desk today are not the same kind of thing respun by having a various quantity attached with it.

The Logitech professional Racing Wheel and professional Racing Pedals are really a frightfully effective combination for sim race. The gear-driven engine system so frequently within Logitech’s sporting tires is fully gone. In its stead, the professional Racing Wheel features a direct drive engine which will shake you entirely right down to your small race booties.

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