Convert Live Photos into Videos in iOS 13

The camera app on the iPhone and iPad supports a unique photograph design called Live Photographs. When the camera is turned on, it records 1.5 seconds of video when the real photograph is taken. They are completely combined to create the Live Photograph, which can be viewed by long pressing on the iPhone or iPad display. Although a few sites and services offer Live Photographs, they should generally be transferred to different companies for sharing. In iOS 13, here’s how to turn Live Photos into Videos on your iPhone.

These capabilities have opened the door for them to be imparted to everyone, even with a shaking Android handset, in addition to bringing some wonderful features to live pictures. Given that we all enjoy sharing good photos, it looks to be a good idea to give moving photographs the ability to traverse the board in all of their full-fledged moving glory. Considering everything, how about we look into how it works?

1. Launch the Photographs app on your iPhone and navigate to the Live Photographs folder under the Albums menu.

Select the live snapshot you want to store as a video on your iPhone right now. Then, in the bottom left corner of the screen, hit the Share icon.

Swipe up in the offer sheet and select Save as Video as the next step.

That’s pretty much all! You may now check the recently converted 2/3-second video by going to the Album tab > Recordings folder.

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Convert Live Photos into Videos With the third-party app

Using a third-party program like Lively to convert your Live Photographs into videos is another option. Lively makes it easy to create GIFs and flicks on your iPhone and share them with the world.

The good thing about Vivacious is that it exists solely to convert your Live Photographs into films and motion pictures. You may make your video in a short amount of time. Here are our step-by-step instructions for using Lively to create a film from a Live Photograph.

Allow the Lively application access to your photos after you download them. The Lively program will display your Live Photographs.

Choose the photo you want to convert to a video.

Tap GIF or Film.


If you choose the GIF option, you may go back and change it by pressing the settings icon, which includes choices for video duration and auto-switch.

To share your movie online, tap export, or save it to your Camera Roll.

Conclusion: It’s amazing to be able to share live images with your friends and family. They are, as far as I am concerned, a nice technique of recalling memories. That’s why I’m glad Apple has developed a native mechanism for converting live photos into movies.


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