List of Total Acquisitions of Facebook (Meta)


  • Facebook or Meta has grown exponentially over the years. During this span, it has acquired many companies and expanded even further. The acquired companies include both big and small companies. But, you may ask, “Where do I get a complete list of all the companies that Facebook (Meta) has acquired?” The answer is, “Here, in this blog post.”
  • If you are interested in knowing about Facebook’s acquisitions, you have landed on the right blog post.
  • As mentioned above, in this blog post, we will be talking about the major acquisitions of Facebook (Meta) and will also be presenting you with a list of all the companies that Facebook (Meta) has acquired to date.

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List of Major Acquisitions of Facebook (Meta)

Here’s the list:

1) Instagram

  • One of Meta or Facebook’s major acquisitions is that of the popular media sharing platform, Instagram. Most of the revenue is generated from advertisements on Instagram and, in fact, it generates more revenue than even Facebook (Meta). The user base of Instagram increased drastically as Meta or Facebook’s users were transferred to the app-based platform, Instagram.

2) WhatsApp

  • The acquisition of the free global messaging and calling application, WhatsApp by Facebook (Meta), also features on our list of the major acquisitions of Facebook (Meta). Although the annual revenue of WhatsApp is supposed to reach billions, nobody is clear about its main source of revenue. However, it is a user-friendly application whose functioning is not disrupted by advertisements. It boasts 1.5 billion active users.

3) Oculus VR

  • The acquisition of this virtual reality-based tech company is also one of the major acquisitions of Facebook (Meta). It aims at giving players the best gaming experience by creating its VR-based headset. The revenue generated by Oculus VR has never been disclosed by Facebook (Meta). After Meta or Facebook’s acquisition, Oculus VR has also acquired many companies.

4) Friend Feed

  • The acquisition of this company is not only one of the major acquisitions of Facebook (Meta) but also one of its first acquisitions. It is not as active as other brands but its acquisition by Facebook (Meta) definitely needs special mention. Friend Feed acted as an aggregator of information but it was shut down in 2015. Although it was shut down, its features have been incorporated in Meta or Facebook’s important component, News Feed.

5) Live Rail

  • Facebook (Meta) acquired Live Rail in 2014 for an amount of $500 million. It facilitates video advertising. Facebook (Meta) has integrated the projects of Live Rail with the main brand but as per sources, the integration has not been smooth.

Full List of all the companies acquired by Facebook (Meta)

Here’s the list:

Name of CompanyAcquisition DateAmount Acquired for (USD) (domain name)August 23, 2005200,000
ParaKeyJuly 19, 2007Not known
ConnectUJune 23, 200831,000,000
FriendFeedAugust 10, 200947,500,000
OctazenFebruary 19, 2010Not known
DivvyshotMarch 2, 2010Not known
Friendster patentsMay 13, 201040,000,000
ShareGroveMay 26, 2010Not known
ZenbeJuly 6, 2010Not known
NextstopJuly 8, 20102,500,000
Chai LabsAugust 15, 201010,000,000
Hot PotatoAugust 20, 201010,000,000
drop.ioOctober 29, 201010,000,000 domain nameNovember 15, 20108,500,000
Rel8tionJanuary 25, 2011Not known
BelugaMarch 2, 2011Not known
SnaptuMarch 20, 201170,000,000
RecRecMarch 24, 2011Not known
DayTumApril 27, 2011Not known
SofaJune 9, 2011Not known
MailRankJune 9, 2011Not known
Push Pop PressAugust 2, 2011Not known
Friend.lyOctober 10, 2011Not known
StrobeNovember 8, 2011Not known
GowallaDecember 2, 2011Not known
CaffeinatedmindFebruary 20, 2012Not known
InstagramApril 9, 20121,000,000,000
TagtileApril 13, 2012Not known
GlanceeMay 5, 2012Not known
Lightbox.comMay 15, 2012Not known
KarmaMay 21, 2012Not known
Face.comJune 18, 2012100,000,000
SpoolJuly 14, 2012Not known
Acrylic SoftwareJuly 20, 2012Not known
ThreadsyAugust 24, 2012Not known
Atlas SolutionsFebruary 28, 2013<100,000,000
osmetaMarch 2013Not known
Storylane (Mixtent)March 2013Not known
Hot StudioMarch 14, 2013Not known
SpaceportApril 23, 2013Not known
ParseApril 23, 201385,000,000
MonoidicsJuly 18, 2013Not known
JibbigoAugust 12, 2013Not known
OnavoOctober,13, 2013Not known
SportStreamDecember 17, 2013Not known
Little Eye LabsJanuary 8, 201415,000,000
BranchJanuary 13, 201415,000,000
WhatsAppFebruary 19, 201419,000,000,000
Oculus VRFebruary 19, 20142,000,000,000
AscentaMarch 27, 201420,000,000
ProtoGeo OyApril 24, 2014Not known
PrivateCoreAugust 7, 2014Not known
LiveRailAugust 14, 2014400,000,000 – 500,000,000
WaveGroup SoundAugust 26, 2014Not known
Wit.aiJanuary 6, 2015Not known
Quickfire NetworksJanuary 8, 2015Not known
TheFind, Inc.March 14, 2015Not known
Surreal VisionMay 26, 2015Not known
EndagaOctober 3, 2015Not known
PebblesJuly 16, 201560,000,000
MSQRD (Masquerade)March 9, 2016Not known
Two Big EarsMay 23, 2016Not known
Nascent ObjectsSep 19, 2016Not known
InfiniledOctober 10, 2016Not known
CrowdTangleNovember 11, 2016Not known
FaciometricsNovember 16, 2016Not known
Zurich EyeNovember 2016Not known
OzloJuly 31, 2017Not known
Fayteq AGAugust 2017Not known
tbhOctober 16, 2017Not known
ConfirmJanuary 23, 2018Not known
Bloomsbury AIJuly 201830,000,000
RedkixJuly 26, 2018100,000,000
VidpressoAugust 13, 2018Not known
DreambitNovember, 2018Not known
ChainspaceFebruary 2019Not known
GrokStyleFebruary 8, 2019Not known
ServicefriendFebruary 8, 2019Not known
September, 2019November, 2018Not known
CTRL-labsSeptember, 2019Not known, but as per reports, the revenue is between $500 million and $1 billion
Facebook (Meta)


  • This was the full list of the companies acquired to date. We are sure Facebook (Meta) will continue to grow and expand in the coming years and keep giving its users the best online experience.

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