LinkedIn is talking about the Zoom and Microsoft Video and Audio Platform


  • LinkedIn is all set to challenge Microsoft and Zoom by launching a new video and audio virtual events platform. LinkedIn is taking this step to make users spend more time on it. TechCrunch reported that LinkedIn is launching a new events platform to enable organizations and creators to host virtual events that will ensure enhanced interactions.
  • If you are interested to know more about the LinkedIn Microsoft-like video and audio platform, you have landed on the right blog post.
  • In this post, we will be covering LinkedIn Microsoft-like and LinkedIn Zoom-like video and audio platform that LinkedIn is going to launch to challenge Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

LinkedIn Microsoft-like and LinkedIn Zoom-like Video and Audio Platform

  • In 2019, LinkedIn had launched Events Hubs way before the pandemic began. However, with the advent of the concept of work-from-home during the pandemic, LinkedIn came up with Events to give remote workers access to the same and also included online polls and video events.
  • As of now, LinkedIn is thinking of launching LinkedIn Microsoft-like platform but it is going to lay the foundation by launching a Clubhouse-like Audio-only platform. LinkedIn is going to launch its brand-new virtual events platform in audio in beta version and it is going to bring a video version soon somewhere during the spring season.

LinkedIn Microsoft-like and LinkedIn Zoom-like Audio and Video Events

  • LinkedIn’s new event platform (beta version) will consist of all the necessary tools that enable interactive content to run. Therefore, organizers need not take help from third-party software for the same.
  • The brand-new Events platform will allow hosts to operate and record their events from LinkedIn itself. The platform itself will consist of tools that will enable hosts and attendees to interact through live sessions. The LinkedIn Microsoft-like platform will also enable online attendees to interact with each other while the event continues and also when the event is over. Organizers can easily promote these events on LinkedIn itself.
  • The LinkedIn Microsoft-like or LinkedIn Zoom-like platform will first allow individual creators to reach out to a bigger audience. The topics that are going to be covered in the live events are Career Development and Recruitment, among others.

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  • Jake Poses, Product Manager at LinkedIn threw light on LinkedIn’s philosophy as far as the new virtual events audio and video platform is concerned. He said that the philosophy of the new virtual events platform of LinkedIn is giving full control to the organizers. He also said that LinkedIn wants to make it easier for organizers to host round tables virtually in addition to facilitating fireside chats. He said that the LinkedIn Microsoft-like platform will provide full support to professionals who want to use the platform to interact either with their audience or with clients in a more formal virtual set-up.
  • Once the LinkedIn Microsoft-like Beta audio version is released, we expect to hear more about the platform from LinkedIn.
  • Let’s look at the success that LinkedIn Live met with to get an idea of how the LinkedIn Microsoft-like virtual events platform will fare. Here are the important points:

1) As a content type, it has become the quickest-growing one on LinkedIn.

2) It is capable of generating 7x more reactions than normal videos.

3) It is capable of generating 24 x more comments than normal videos.

4) 82% of audiences like seeing live streams conducted by brands.

How will the LinkedIn Microsoft-like Video and Audio Platform be beneficial?

Here are the ways how the virtual events platform of LinkedIn will be beneficial:

1) It will bring together dispersed teams – An online virtual events platform will help in bringing together professionals or team members who are not physically present at one place.

2) It will be an all-in-one platform – By an all-in-one platform, we mean one platform that allows people to conduct meetings, phone calls, webinars, and chats, all in one place.

3) It will generate more ROI – It will definitely help generate more return on investment as is also the case with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.


  • Here is everything that you need to know about the LinkedIn Microsoft-like virtual events platform. All eyes are fixed on the release of the beta version of the audio virtual events platform. The success of the audio virtual events platform will determine the success of the video virtual events platform.


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