Image: Riot Games

Lil Nas X has been the “president of League of Legends for barely more than 24 hours, and he is already cutting up. No longer content as the Lord of Hell, Lil Nas X has relinquished his fiery crown, exchanging it for a desk in the CEO suite of Riot Games. His first executive order? Making a nude skin of Udyr. His second executive order, well… it’s going to make half the population of League players very unhappy.

as the new president of league of legends, bottoms are no longer allowed to play.

— PRESIDENT NASARATI (@LilNasX) September 15, 2022

There’s also another LoL-flavored tweet from President X that I cannot link here because it will likely trip every not-safe-for-work filter built into this browser and laptop by my employers….

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