• Are you a regular player on PUBG? Do you wish to be a master of the game? If yes, we have got the perfect blog post for you. That chicken dinner will be yours if you follow the latest tips and tricks needed to win the game. PUBG being a popular Battle Royale game has become extremely popular with everyone trying to suggest tricks to win the game. Since the game is dynamic in nature, you need to be aware of the latest tips and tricks to master the game.
  •  If you are a PUBG fan and spend hours playing the game, you should read on to be a master in the game.
  •  In this post, we will be giving you a brief about the game and we will be sharing the latest tips and tricks to be a master in the game.

A short brief of PUBG

All you need to do to win this battle royale game is to be the last one standing when the game ends. You have to let yourself go in the air towards an island. You will have to compete with 99 players. When you land on the ground, you have to get yourself equipped with clothes, weapons, ammunition, etc. You have to keep an eye on the other players and ensure they do not kill you. Don’t forget to be in the safe zone. By the way, did we tell you that the safe zone will shrink in size as the game progresses?

List of latest tips and tricks on PUBG as of 2021

You may be a beginner or an advanced player, but the following tips and tricks will come in handy if you want to win the game:

1)    Land in an area where there are buildings – Since every piece of equipment you require is in the area of buildings, ensure you land in such an area. If you land somewhere else, you will have to go to a place where there are buildings and there are high chances of you falling into the trap of an enemy/killer. However, the idea is to land in a quiet area where there are buildings and not in a crowded area so that you can gather clothes, weapons, etc., without any interference from your enemies.

 2)    Get the weapons first – As already mentioned, you need to gather equipment when you enter a building. However, you should ensure you gather the weapons first as you need to protect yourself from encounters. You might be fast enough to gather more than one weapon. In that case, ensure you select the ones that you are comfortable with and that will help you win different types of encounters. Be it a shotgun or a rifle, select the ones that are the most suitable and comfortable.

 3)    Always be in the safe zone – As already mentioned, the safe zone is the area where you should play the game. It has a boundary that shrinks in size, so you have to be careful about your enemies and the safe zone too as you will meet death if you go out of the safe zone. If you find the safe zone shrinking, ensure you get a vehicle and reach some other place fast but remember, the noise emitting from the car might alert your enemies and you might be in danger.

 4)    Be on elevated terrain and don’t expose yourself in open fields – To gain a strategic advantage over your enemies, ensure you are perched on a mountain or a building so that you can shoot enemies when they are unaware. Being on open fields will expose you to your enemies and make it easier for your enemies to aim at you and kill you.

 5)    Use headphones to be alert of your surroundings – Headphones are very important in PUBG as they will help you be aware of your surroundings. You can hear the sound of vehicles or the footsteps of your enemies and position yourself accordingly to locate them and shoot them. You can also decide if you want to confront your enemies or hide from them when you hear them with the help of your headphones.

Follow the above latest tips and tricks and win the PUBG game!

Are you afraid of losing? Don’t worry! The above latest tips and tricks are here to guide you to the end of the game. Be a pro with these tricks and be the last one standing!


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