Latest Hack: PUBG New State Game

Latest Hack: PUBG New State Game


  • PUBG New State is set in the future and gives players a completely new experience. The number of players is the same as any other PUBG version and that is 100 but the battle arena is completely different and so are the weapons and tactics. The concept of “the last man standing” still remains. You need to make use of the weapons, and equipment including drones to become the last man standing.
  • In this blog post, we are going to talk about the characteristics of the PUBG New State Game, PUBG New State’s latest hack (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data) features, and steps to install PUBG New State (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data).

Characteristics of PUBG New State


1) Next-gen Gameplay packed with action

  • PUBG New State has a new battleground and impressive mechanics and you will be greeted with drone calls, dodging, and many others.

2) Plotline

  • Let’s learn something about the plotline of the game. Set in the future, the game helps you witness a scenario where there is no Government and where the land is proof enough of the various battles that it has seen. The game is set in 2051 where players are greeted with modern features. The game now has upgraded homes and vehicles.

3) Impressive Graphics

  • The graphics of the game are sure to blow your mind and a fantasy element has been infused into the new world. You will love the new setting for sure and more so because of the additional features. You can explore the vast space with the help of new vehicles and even interact with the components of the environment while collecting items.

4) Drone Calls

  • When we are talking about the new features that the game comes with, mention has to be made of drone calls. You can now have aerial support, all thanks to this new feature. You can even use drones to overcome obstacles that you may be facing.

5) Electric train and latest motors

  • You can also make use of these new features.

6) Global Illumination Technology

  • With the help of Global Illumination Technology, PUBG New State has raised the bar for mobile gaming graphics. The designs have been amped up to let you experience real-time gameplay.

7) New and Improved Guns

  • Gunplay of the game is the best for smartphones. You can even modify your guns as per requirements and use the unique weapon attachment system when you are in the open-fire zones.

8) New and Improved Vehicles

  • The new and improved vehicles help you zoom around in a buttery smooth way. You can’t look away from the cars. They are so stunning!

9) Items

  • You will find many useful items in the game as you progress. At the start, you will need items like blood, armor, helmets, and weapons.

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Latest Hack: PUBG NEW STATE Game (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data) Features

Here are the features of the latest hack of the PUBG New State game (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data).

1) Aimbot

2) Unlimited UC

3) Ghost Mode option

4) Auto-Kill feature

5) Anti-ban feature (100% working)

Steps to Download & Install the Latest Hack: PUBG NEW STATE Game (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data)For Android

Here are the steps that you should follow to download and install the latest hack: PUB New State Game (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data). Here are the steps that you can perform on your Android device:

Step 1 – Use the link below to download PUBG NEW STATE Game (Mod Apk v0.9.21.143+OBB/Data).

Step 2 – Navigate to Settings and enable Unknown Sources to enable the installation of the .apk file on your Android device.

Step 3 – To start installing, you will have to find the apk file on your phone and tap it.

Step 4 – You need to perform the steps as given in the setup instructions on the screen. This step will ensure the proper installation of the app.

Step 5 – You are all set to use the Latest Hack: PUBG New State Game.


LATEST Hack: PUBG NEW STATE Game (Mod+Apk )            

Download Mod Apk

Original APK link

  • Now, you can immerse in the futuristic gameplay of the PUBG New State Game. Enjoy the stunning graphics and make use of the futuristic objects that the game has to offer for an amazing and exciting new experience.

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