Key Features of iOS 15


  • Apple’s mobile operating systems are said to be best-in-market and they make iPhones sell like hotcakes. The latest mobile operating system of Apple is said to be launched within a week and it is going to bring a ton of exciting new and improved features along with it. Although the date of the much-awaited launch of iOS 15 is not available, it is supposed to happen within a few days of the launch of the new iPhone 13 which is slated for a launch next Tuesday which is the 14th of September, 2021.
  •  If you are a gadget fan, and an iPhone fan, this blog post will turn out to be an interesting one for you. Therefore, we request you to read it till the end.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the key features of the soon-to-be-launched iOS 15.

What are the key features of iOS 15?

The key features of iOS 15 that have got everyone talking have been listed under this section:

 1) Focus – All thanks to the “Focus” feature, you can set various modes on your phone like sleeping, driving, do not disturb, working, and even set pre-written messages as per the modes so that your friends know what you are up to. You get notification on the screen of the iPhone only of those apps that are related to the preset mode. When others message you personally, they see your Focus status and get to know if you are reachable.

 2)    SharePlay – Available on the Facetime app, this key feature allows users on a video call to share songs along with Apple Music, enjoy watching a movie or a show in sync. You can play, pause or set fast forward with the help of the “Shared” Playback Control feature. Do you want to watch playback on your TV? You can do so by extending Playback to your Apple TV and what more? You can even let your friends and family know about the same by connecting with them on Facetime.

 3)    Remodeled notifications – One of the key features of iOS 15 is that it is going to have an improved visual interface. You will even get important notifications at an advantageous time like morning, evening, etc. Not only this, but you will also get the most relevant notifications at the top. Are long messaging threads disturbing you? Don’t worry as you can mute the same now with iOS 15.

 4)    Live Text – How will this feature help you and why is this one of the key features of iOS 15? That’s because you will be able to copy mobile numbers or texts from a photo and paste the same to be able to search it on Safari or to contact the copied and pasted mobile number. Is your online friend conversing with you in a language not known to you? If yes, you can use the “Live Translate” feature to easily translate and communicate with your friend.

 5)    Privacy – Senders (companies) will no longer be allowed to check whether their email with ads has been opened or not. How? That’s because of the Mail Privacy Protection of iOS 15. It will also prevent users from knowing your IP address thus making it one of the key features of iOS 15. Also, the APP Privacy Report offered by iOS 15 will give you an idea of how the information given to apps when you grant access to location, photos, camera, etc. are used by the apps. The report will give you the information based on the past seven days.

 6)    Apple ID – You can easily reset your password and access your account owing to the “Account Recovery Contacts” feature offered by Apple. Heavens forbid but what will happen to the information in your account after you have left this world? The Legacy Contacts or people assigned by you with the help of the new Digital Legacy Program can access your account.

 7) New and Improved Siri – This key feature of the iOS 15 will surely blow your mind. You can now use Siri without the internet! Yes, that’s true. Sir will perform tasks like opening an app, calling a person, or setting more than one timer without the internet but for browsing the web, you need the internet. Siri enables you to share the content on your screen by asking with the help of the “Announce Notifications” feature on AirPods.

Do you find iOS 15 interesting?

If the answer to the question is yes, you can download the iOS beta by clicking here. We also thought of letting you know that the iOS 15 will be available as a software update for free on all suitable devices.

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