Pubg Royale pass


  • Do you spend hours using the PUBG mobile game? If yes, you must be aware of the latest PUBG India update on the PUBG Royale pass, and many other perks that it brings.

 What is [PUBG Royale Pass]?

You can purchase Royale Pass on PUBG mobile game if you wish to up your ante. There are two types of Royale Pass – Royale Elite Pass and Royale Elite Pass Plus. You can purchase the first one in just 600 UC which amounts to around $10 or 730 INR, and the latter in 1800 UC which amounts to around $30 or 2,228 INR. Doesn’t this sound fun?

 Benefits of PUBG Royale Pass

 1) Epic attire, weapon skins, and interesting vehicle skins.

2) Collect UC at the end of 100 RP enough to buy one more pass.

3) Quick access to higher ranks.

4) A shining RP badge,

5) Get your name displayed while in a plane.

 Steps to Purchase

 If you are a Royale Pass India fan, follow the following steps to purchase a Royale Pass-

 RP icon (right-hand side corner) – Select “Upgrade Pass” – Select desired Royale pass – Confirm the transaction

 Is it really worth it?

The answer is a clear “YES” if you are a regular player, ready to shell out a few bucks on a royale pass, take your reputation a notch higher, and get epic skins, and outfits. The answer is a “NO” if you are just starting, use the game irregularly, and can’t afford to spend 730 INR.



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