iPhone 13 leaks images, specifications, features, and price


  • iPhone fans are waiting with bated breath for the launch of the iPhone 13 series and as per reports, iPhone 13 is slated for a September 14th release at Apple’s upcoming event, “California Streaming”. iPhone 13 is going to bring forth a host of new and improved features in terms of battery, camera, design, and display. There are some leaked images that are doing the rounds.  Also, its specifications, features, and price are said to have leaked too.
  •  If you are eagerly waiting for the iPhone 13 launch, you should read on as this blog post will be particularly interesting for you.
  •  In this post, we will be talking about leaked images, specifications, features, and price of the iPhone 13.

Leaked Images of iPhone 13

 iPhone 13 dummy (with a smaller notch on the front)

A leaked photo with the front of the device with a smaller notch on the front is doing rounds on the internet. You may ask, “What are dummies?” Other companies like accessory manufacturers receive top-notch, non-operational models of the real phones from the phone manufacturing companies, and these are what are known as dummies. Though the sources of the photos have not been verified, the rumors around the model being a mock-up of the upcoming iPhone 13 are getting stronger by the day.

 Stronger magnets at the back of iPhone 13

According to Max Weinbach of EverythingApplePro, iPhone 13 will come with stronger magnets to support the powerful MagSafe charger. Quick charging and wireless reverse charging are supposed to be the perks offered by MagSafe Charger.

Larger camera bumps of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Images of two white iPhone models have been shared by the Chinese social networking site Weibo and are believed to be iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Slightly larger camera bumps have been noticed which are said to have a 2.5x telephoto zoom, an upgraded version that promises an impressive wide-angle lens. As per MacRumours, the camera of the iPhone 13 will have an f1.8 aperture.

Leaked Specifications and Features of iPhone 13

1)    According to KTC, a Ukrainian site, the colors that the iPhone 13 will be available in are pink, purple, black, blue, white, and red.

 2)    iPhone 13 is said to be having two models of storage – 64GB and 128GB.

 3)    There are also some rumors as far as the name is concerned. As per some sources, the name of the new iPhone model will be iPhone 12S while some other sources say it should be named iPhone 13 as it has a lot of upgrades. September 14 is the day when the mystery around the name will be solved.

 4)    The design of the iPhone 13 is said to be the same as the current model but there may be some changes.

 5)    As has already been mentioned above, iPhone 13 will come with diagonally placed lenses as per the camera is concerned.

 6)    A Chinese source says the iPhone 13 will come with an upgraded battery of 3095 mAh, which is powerful as per phone standards. Why do we say the battery is upgraded? That’s because the present generation iPhone 12 has a 2815 mAh battery. The soon-to-be-launched A15 Bionic chipset should help have a better battery performance when used together with iPhone 13. The chipset is going to be manufactured in the 5nm manufacturing process similar to that of the A14 Bionic chipset as per a rumor.

 7)    There are chances of the iPhone 13 having a mind-boggling 120 Hz LTPO panel.

 8)    Display features like always-on display and in-display fingerprint scanning may also be available.

 9)    iPhone 13 will also have a video bokeh feature which is similar to the image bokeh implementation. Do you like to shoot videos of top-notch quality? Pro-res video will allow you to do so. You can even improve the color and appearance of the photos with a new filter mode.

10) It is also going to come with a 6.1-inch OLED display.

Leaked Price Details of iPhone 13

The price of the iPhone 13 is going to start at $799. In India, the price is supposed to be in the same price range as the current-generation iPhone 12, which is around 79,900 INR.

If you are interested in purchasing the iPhone 13 Pro, you will have to shell out around 1, 19,900.

Can’t wait for iPhone 13 to launch?

If the answer is yes, you are not alone as iPhone 13 launch is a much-awaited event and every iPhone fan is keeping a watch on the news related to it like a hawk.


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