Intel Arc graphics card

After months of rumors, teasers, conjecture, therefore the half-launch of this Arc A380 (starts in brand new tab), Intel has formally established the Arc A310 illustrations card (starts in brand new tab). it is maybe not the RTX 40 killer we would have wished for, however it’s one thing. Offered the quantity of protection of Arc within the tech press during the last few years, this statement comes as being a shock. Whether it is because of its modest nature or even a it is deliberate low-key launch from Intel is up for debate. Nonetheless, such cards, whilst not attracting gamers, have invest the marketplace.

The A310 isn’t card you’d purchase to relax and play Cyberpunk 2077 at 4K with ray tracing. Actually, it is not really a card you’d usage at 720p on minimal settings. Its specifications reveal it is made to output movie signals for devices that don’t have incorporated illustrations.

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