In this survival game you're the doomed scientists left behind when everything goes wrong

Sometimes i believe exactly how numerous boffins i have watched get killed by monsters on the other hand of unbreakable cup. In games like Half-Life and System Shock 2, i have invested considerable time playing eggheads screaming, operating, being dragged into ports to perish terrible fatalities, simply and so I’ll be precisely careful once the monsters take exactly the same part associated with the cup as me personally. Abiotic Factor points at those poindexters and asks, “would you like to be them for modification?”

That’s half the concept, plus it seems like a great one. A co-op game in which, like Ghostbusters, you are a lot of academics that are from their level, clutching systematic devices whilst the greeblies rush in. View the initial moment roughly associated with the statement trailer while’d genuinely believe that’s all there was to Abiotic Factor—but keep viewing. 

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