I will defend the $700M fizzy water • TechCrunch

Silly period is going in investment capital land.

Today investors and founders alike will bore your ears down with records about incremental cashflow positivity and their timeline to adjusted EBITDA profitability.


Despite the typical boringness of today’s investment capital landscape, replete with conservative valuations, dropping deal sizes, and clucking investors sitting atop a hill of money, we discovered today that at the very least some individuals are having fun.

Enter Fluid Death, a direct-to-consumer water business that simply raised a $70 million round at a $700 million valuation, per Bloomberg reporting. The deal makes fluid Death 70per cent of the unicorn, that will be damn impressive provided their state of all DTC organizations — see right here — that individuals can monitor on general public market exchanges.

Why the massive cost? Because water is just a growth business, child! Bloomberg’s Katie Roof — a previous TechCruncher — writes your business is “on track for $130 million in income this season,” up from $45 million worth of top line this past year. That’s the type of development that investors covet.

Liquid Death includes a couple of things choosing it that produce the offer significantly reasonable from my viewpoint. Yes, it is very easy to dunk for a $700 million water startup whenever cheaper options abound; other fizzy water brands, making your own personal bubbly, or consuming right regular water such as a peasant are choices.

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