Over the very last 6 months, I’ve written up 25 Pitch Deck Teardowns — the favorite group of articles in which we review a pitch deck in more detail, celebrating the victories and carefully (and quite often not-so-gently) suggesting improvements. We’ve seen 74-slide decks (yes, actually), decks which can be riddled with spelling errors and bogged straight down by hideous design (but nevertheless work extremely well), and decks where in fact the founders don’t completely appear to know very well what market they’re in.

For every deck we reviewed for my TechCrunch show, we saw a large number of other decks aswell. Don’t tell my bosses, but i’ve a part hustle as pitch mentor, and throughout that, we view a significant decks. We additionally have always been buddies by having a lot of lovely VCs and accelerators whom usually forward decks for me personally to take a good look at. I’ve a folder with hundreds and countless pitch decks, which range from $10,000 angel rounds to multibillion-dollar discounts happening. Individuals occasionally send me personally screenshots of slides, too (i love to consider those as “unsolicited deck photos.” Ahem.)

In any instance, i’ve very long since lost count, but I’ve most likely seen a couple of thousand pitch decks in the last several years. Suffice it to express: i’ve opinions about ’em.

In this post, i do want to breakdown the most notable 11 (yes, it must be 11) most typical errors we see in pitch decks, plus a lot of samples of exactly how these errors arrive.

Oh, assuming you need to submit your deck for prospective pitch deck teardown, you’re in fortune: guidelines are right here.

Let’s gooooo.

Not once you understand your market

A pitch is really a tale, and tales have actually audiences. You’lln’t place a kid facing Arnold Schwarzenegger hacking and slashing their means through parts associated with the Predator. Likewise, the tale you employ to offer towards clients isn’t similar tale you need to get across towards would-be investor market.

You have to know the way VC works; that’s non-negotiable. In the event that you don’t, it indicates you do not have means of understanding how to inform your tale, therefore don’t really know very well what they’re purchasing. Get that settled yourself!

Examples of decks that fully grasp this right:

Examples of decks that fully grasp this incorrect:

Not completely understanding your market size

It’s painful to see a pitch deck and recognize that the founders don’t know how exactly to shape their market. At earliest phase, your organization must show precisely a few things:

  • Can you create a venture-scale company inside market?
  • Is this the best group to construct that company?

The means you answer 1st real question is with sensible what to state concerning the market you run in, and exactly how the truth is the dimensions and trajectory of this market. In the event that you neglect to accomplish that, you know what — you’re demonstrating that you’re wii creator, and you’re most likely not the best group to construct the business enterprise.

Yes, determining the TAM, SAM and SOM for the market is very hard, and quite often it involves presumptions and guesswork, but that’s okay — you’re not receiving graded on what accurate your figures are but on what you see and look at the market you’re in. In the event that figures are “wrong,” you could protect why you considered them in this way, it informs your prospective investors plenty regarding the quality as creator.

Examples of decks that fully grasp this right:

Examples of decks that fully grasp this incorrect:

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