Even after seeing a 20-minute preview, i am some baffled in what Hyenas is attempting become. It seems up to now taken off Creative Assembly’s previous catalogue, but some tips about what i recognize: it is a PvPvE looter shooter that is clearly a little too eager for one to understand how quirky and self-aware its. It is colourful and bombastic and therefore profoundly, profoundly cringe.

Earth moved to shit, the billionaires have actually pissed to Mars and left the tiny individuals to fend on their own on…The Taint. Reputation does not seem to originate from wide range in Hyenas, but alternatively from buying heaps of pop music tradition tat. Inevitably the preview is filled with some not-so-subtle winks and nudges for Sega’s collection and also some non-blue blur outings like Fall men. 

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