How will Blockchain help in the Voting System?


  • Voting is a system that needs to be safe and secure. Trust is a major issue when it comes to voting. The traditional method of voting cannot be fully trusted because of corruption as far as paper votes are concerned and phishing as far as online votes are concerned. There are advantages and disadvantages of both the voting systems – paper voting system and online voting system. Therefore, the time is ripe to embrace blockchain in building an online voting system to make voting more secure.
  •  If you are blown away by blockchain technology and are curious to know how blockchain can help in building voting systems, we suggest you read the current blog post till the end.
  •  In this post, we will be covering the challenges faced by the traditional voting system, the benefits of a blockchain-backed online voting system, and how the challenges faced by a blockchain-backed decentralized voting system can be solved.

What are the challenges faced by the Traditional Voting System?

Here are the challenges faced by the Traditional Voting System:

1) In developing countries, booth rigging is a common problem associated with the paper voting system which has led to some countries opting for the electronic voting system.

2) Electronic voting systems are also not safe with hackers targeting sophisticated systems and hacking right into them. For instance, young hackers attacked US electronic voting machines at the Def Con and banked on the loopholes of the system.


3) Disappointing voter turnout, even if it is for lack of interest, is also one of the challenges faced by the Traditional Voting System.

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What are the benefits of a Blockchain-backed online voting system?

The technology of Blockchain is such that it can easily prevent cyber-attacks or hacking attacks which is why our upcoming section has been prepared to throw light on the benefits of an online voting system that is backed by Blockchain technology:

1) Stability – Blockchain technology is touted as the future of the online voting system as all we expect from our voting system is “security”. Blockchain technology is invincible and can prevent attacks as the length of the node-chain will make it pretty difficult for hackers to hack into the system and make voting trustworthy.

2) Clarity – As future elections will be dominated by tech-savvy Gen Z, there is a need to build a sophisticated and technology-based voting system. The accuracy of the chain of votes can be guaranteed by a blockchain-backed voting system or app thus, the blockchain technology will provide clarity in the election system. Blockchain will enable voting entries to be encoded and safe by using private keys.

3) Confidentiality – Blockchain will help in creating a decentralized voting system while ensuring confidentiality. Confidentiality can also be maintained in a blockchain-backed electronic voting system by introducing two-factor authentication. Blockchain can also make the voting system a cost-effective exercise.

4) Lesser Turn-around-time – Lesser turn-around-time is also one of the benefits of a blockchain-backed online voting system. Blockchain is capable of producing results on a real-time basis. For instance, Bitcoin Blockchain consumes just 10 minutes in processing transactions. Blockchain in the voting system will help us get results within a few minutes.

How can the challenges faced by a decentralized blockchain-backed online voting system be solved?

In this section, we will be talking about the areas which need attention to make the blockchain-backed online voting system successful:

1) The blocks should be designed in such a way that confidentiality and accountability are maintained – The design of the blocks should be done in such a way that public inspection of votes is allowed while maintaining the identity of the voters.

2) The design should be multi-layered – There should be a sidechain where actual voting data is recorded and the data should be transferred to a parent blockchain once the voting is concluded. Smart contracts can make the voter registration process smoother.

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It is a given fact that voting in the future is going to be based on technology. Blockchain technology has the potential to back such an advanced voting system. However, looking for the right vendor to make a blockchain-backed online voting app, can be a challenge. Out of a host of blockchain app development services, you need to choose the best one. Only then can a blockchain-backed online voting app be successful.


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