How to watch any movie for free


  • Gone are the days when people had to venture outside their homes and spend money to watch movies in halls. The internet has brought movie halls to our homes where we can watch any movie of our choice with the help of a single click. What if we say, you can watch movies online for free? Sounds interesting? Well, it is true that you can watch any movie online for free. But how? Read on to know how and be amazed!
  •  If you are just starting out watching movies online for free, you should read on. This blog post will interest you if you already use the internet for watching movies but are looking forward to watching them for free.
  •  In this post, we will be explaining the alternative websites where you can watch any movie online for free along with their important features.

Alternative websites to watch any movie online for free:

From the above heading, you must have already understood what we are going to deal with in this section. Let us start with our list already!

 1)    Crackle – Since Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, there is a vast collection of full-length movies that you can watch whenever you want and all for free. The video quality is impressive and makes your movie-watching experience even more interesting. The size of the monitor or screen doesn’t matter when the video quality is so high. Can you bear the pain of watching a few commercials in between? Don’t worry the commercials are short in length. Do you want to know the names of some newly added free movies on Crackle? They are “Henry’s Crime”, “The Face of An Angel”, “Last Day on Mars”, and many more.

 Watch movies on Crackle here.

 2) Popcornflix – Do you want to know why Popcornflix features on our list? That’s because many new movies are added on Popcornflix around the clock. As many as 1.500 films have found a place on Popcornflix and they belong to various genres like comedy, drama, action, romance, and many more. Are you wondering how to create an account on Popcornflix? Well, you don’t need to create one! You can play movies anywhere anytime and even watch them in bits and pieces. “Manny”, “Anything is Possible”, “First to the Moon” are the newest movies on Popcornflix. Two disadvantages are there are no subtitles and the video quality is not as good as that of Crackle. Yet, you will love Popcornflix as a free online movie-streaming site because of the various options available on it, and because there is a dedicated movie streaming site just for children.

 Watch movies on Popcornflix here.

  3) YouTube – You might ask, “Isn’t YouTube for watching make-up tutorials, and movie trailers?” Well, No. You can watch movies for free too. Of course, there are movies for which you have to shell out some bucks but free movies can be easily accessible on official YouTube channels. The most amazing part is you can check ratings and comments by other users before watching movies. If you don’t mind watching free movies without HD, you should definitely go for it. “Zoo Keeper”, “Rebound”, “Black Knight”, and many more are available for free.

Watch movies on Youtube here.

 4) Tubi – Although there are movies on Tubi that can be watched only at a price, you can also watch thousands of free movies and TV shows on Tubi. You can watch movies belonging to various genres like romance, drama, kids’, documentary, horror, and many more. You can even select movies from sections like “Trending”, “New Releases”, “Featured”, “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes”, and others. Movies like “Tarzan”, “The Butterfly Effect”, and “Click” are available on Tubi. Tubi has a section, “Tubi Kids”, that is just for children. If you are fine with a few advertisements, and won’t mind watching TV shows too, this site is for you.

 Watch movies on Tubi here.

 5) The Roku Channel – If you wish to watch free and renowned movies of high quality, The Roku Channel is just the site for you. Some of the popular movies available on the Roku Channel for free are “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Look Who’s Talking”, “Almost Famous”, and “The Imitation Game”. Can you make your peace with a few commercials that will pop up in between? If yes, free movies are waiting for you to watch them.

 Watch movies on The Roku Channel here.


The above list has been carefully crafted and presented to you and the websites included in it are some of the best because they do not have viruses, and are not illegal. Now that you know that you won’t get caught by legal authorities for using these sites, why don’t you use them for a fantastic movie-streaming experience?


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