How to track lost phones and Best apps to track phones


  • In this day and age, a smartphone is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. We have our personal data stored in our smartphones and develop a feeling of attachment with our smartphones. If our smartphones get lost or misplaced, the whole world turns upside down. But luckily, smartphones themselves have features that help track lost phones easily. There are even some apps that help track and locate lost phones.
  • If you are a smartphone user terrified at the thought of losing your phone, you will find this blog post useful in case, Heaven forbid, you lose your phone.
  • In this blog post, we will be covering how you should track your lost Android phone, how you should track your lost iPhone, how you should track your lost smartphone through IMEI, and the best apps (for Android and iPhone) to track phones.

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How to track lost Android phones?

  • Google offers a feature, “Find My Device” for Android devices to let users track and locate their smartphones, tablets, etc. in case they are lost or misplaced. Every Android smartphone is said to have this feature. To use the Find My Device service, perform the following steps:

Step 1 – Use your Google Account to log in to the Find My Device service on either a PC or a laptop.

Step 2 – Select the phone from a list of phones on the dashboard (if you have more than one phone registered with your email id).

Step 3 – Find My Device will attempt to track your phone’s location and show it on the map.

Step 4 – If Find My Device successfully tracks your phone, it will provide you with three options – Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device. Choose the option of your choice.

Step 5 – The phone will keep ringing for 5 minutes so that you or the passers-by can track the same.

Step 6 – If you lock the phone to secure it, a message will be displayed for the person who tracks it. The map will display the phone’s location even if you sign out of your Google account.

Step 7 – As a last resort, you can use the erase device option but remember, it will erase all the data that your phone contains.

Step 8 – Some smartphones offer their own phone tracking services that have to be set up separately and with the help of remote control allow your phone to be tracked and located easily.

How to track lost iPhones?

  • You can find your lost iPhone with the help of Apple’s Find My App service that is compatible with all Apple devices. You can access the Find My App service through iCloud which enables users to track and find their Apple devices by displaying the location of every device on a map.

Here’s how you can use Apple’s Find My App Service:

  • You can play a sound on your lost device with the help of the Find My App service to track your phone in the surrounding areas.
  •  There is also an option to go for displaying a message on the device that needs to be tracked and enable the Lost Mode.
  • You can also choose to erase your lost iPhone if nothing else works. But all the data contained in your iPhone will be erased by doing so.
  • You can also use the activation lock to prevent unauthorized users to reset it as log in with a registered Apple ID is a must.
  • You can also use Apple’s Find My Network feature to track your lost phone through Apple devices in the vicinity. You can even stay connected with friends and family members by sharing your location with them for a limited duration.

How to track your lost phone through IMEI?

  • If nothing else works, you can use the IMEI number of your lost phone (if you have it) and share it with the police to lodge a complaint of theft or missing. The IMEI number will help the Cyber Security Team to track and locate your phone. It is a time-consuming process though.

Best Apps for Android and iPhone to track lost phones

  • Here’s the list:

1) FamiSafe Location Tracking App

  • This app helps to track and find phone locations without wasting much time, and is, therefore, one of the best apps to track phones. You can set a geofence and receive an alert on time when the phone is outside the geofence.
  • Downloade link here: Android link, ios link

2) mSpy

  • mSpy is the next name on our list of the best apps to track phones because it helps track location, phone calls, messages, and social media activity.

3) Life360

  • Life360 is the next name on our list of the best apps for Android and iPhone to track lost phones. It consists of an in-built messaging service and an SOS feature that you can use to send your location to your close circle and alert them in case of any emergency.

4) iSharing

  • iSharing with its user-friendly interface is also one of the best apps to track phones. It offers an in-app messaging service and allows you to send panic alerts to your near and dear ones too. It has some other features as well.

5) Glympse

  • Glympse is also one of the best apps to track and find phones as it enables real-time location sharing through GPS tracking. You can create in-app groups to enhance safety. The person the location is shared with can easily view the map without having to install the Glympse app.


  • Heaven forbid! If you lose or misplace your phone, use the above-mentioned methods for Android and iPhone to track your lost/misplaced phone and download any of the best apps listed above, to track phones.

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