As we evolve side by side with our Google technology, Our privacy is and always has been our worry. When it comes to our privacy very least of us go through the extra miles just to ensure ourselves from any harm. In reality, most of us are unaware that even the apps that we trust with our eyes closed have information about us that we don’t even know. 

What Google Knows about you?

Almost every Android phone, Tablets has its information linked with Google. From Mail to Youtube, Google does it all. Even if you want to back up your files and data, you would need a Google Account to make it happen. You’d be surprised when you get to know that Google has access to not only your name and birth date but much more than that. Here are few things that you might be unenlightened of what Google knows about you:

  • Let’s start with Youtube. From what you search to what you watch, Google keeps track of all. If you are keen to know what Google knows about your Youtube history all you would need to do is to go to your device settings and find out your Google account. After you get into it, Look for the tab “Data and Personalisation”. Under that, you’d find “Youtube History”. Tap on it and go to “Manage activity” to find out and delete what Google keeps track of your Youtube activity.
  • Next up, your Location. Yes, Google knows all about it. From your home to your errands, work, to your friend’s place, Restaurants you’ve been to, and many more. 

once again if you wish to refrain it, Go into your Google Account on your device, and under the tab “Data and Personalisation” you’d find “Location History” with the option to pause.

  • It also monitors our web activities. It stores what you’ve been searching for recently, the websites you visit, anything you download or upload, your emails, and many more. Not just that it also keeps the data on your voice actions that you provide to your Google Assistant, regardless from Google Home or your Smartphone.

To turn this off, Go to your “Web & Activity” on your Google Account and tap on “Manage activity” to limit or prevent what Google stores.

  • Ever wondered about how you get such relevant ads when you are browsing on your device? It’s because the ads are customized to what Google thinks you may like
  • Google made it clear that no one gets to read your Emails unless of course, you ask them.

But the software scans your email for purchase purposes

That being said, Google always has been upfront with its users about the data it collects and why. Google claims to keep your cellphone number, name, age, gender country, location, and IP address just to make sure their service work for you in a more efficient and better manner. And it’s true. From your device to their server, Google keeps all your data safe. It even lets you download your data including your contacts, bookmarks, photos, and more. They use your data to make the ads relevant for you while you’re browsing. They claim to not hand your data to advertisers. And in fact, it is true. 

Conclusion: As you know by now, the purposes of why google stores your information for and what they are and the access to control what you want Google to know. You may browse on your web freely without stressing so much about it.

However, In case you desire to make a change and look for other Search Engines, there are quite a few around. Most of them also store your data and information. They just don’t have a Big name like Google. Some of them claim to not store any information about you whatsoever. Read more about games like ocean of games.