How to Recover stolen Cryptocurrency


  • Digital advancement has opened new arenas and cryptocurrency is one such arena through which you can earn digital currency. However, since hackers are all around, Cryptocurrency is also not free from thefts and is often being stolen. Are you a victim of cryptocurrency theft? Don’t worry, we will present you with ways through which you can recover your stolen cryptocurrency.
  • If you like transacting digital money, but are a victim of cryptocurrency theft, you should read on.
  • In this post, we will cover how cryptocurrency threats are harming us, and the ways through which you can recover stolen cryptocurrency.

How are Cryptocurrency threats harming us?

You might have read our blog post on the biggest cryptocurrency heist of all time, whereby $600 million-dollar worth of digital money was stolen based on a vulnerability found in a digital currency platform. Cryptocurrency thefts have made it very difficult to trust the credibility of digital currency. However, there are a few ways through which you can recover stolen cryptocurrency and in the upcoming section, we throw light on the same.

Ways through which you can recover stolen cryptocurrency:

Your stolen cryptocurrency can definitely be recovered if you follow the below options:

1) Steps to be taken on a personal level – The below steps can be followed to recover your stolen cryptocurrency:

  1. a) Confront the scamming digital currency platform – Contact the digital currency platform that scammed you and confront them as to why they did what they did and ask them to cough up the stolen money. Make them know that you are capable of reaching out to the appropriate financial platforms or authorities if they refuse to give your money back. This will convey a strong message to the scamming digital currency platform.
  2. b) Report the theft to the appropriate financial platforms or authorities – Reach out to the appropriate financial platforms or authorities and report the cryptocurrency theft by providing all the necessary information. This will be a step in the right direction as not only the chances of recovering stolen cryptocurrency will be high but other traders will also learn from the incident and be careful with their future transactions.
  3. c) Reach out on social media platforms – You can reach out on social media platforms like Facebook, Quora, etc., and share your incident. People going through similar incidents can give you tips they followed to recover money or they can give you necessary information on the scamming digital currency platform which can act as a clue in nabbing them.
  4. d) Let your crypto wallet company know about the theft/scam – Let your crypto wallet company know what exactly has happened to you and the fact that the digital currency platform has scammed you and is refusing to pay you your money back. This will increase your chances of getting your money back and decrease the chances of other people being scammed.

 2)    Get a Cryptocurrency Recovery Professional to recover your stolen cryptocurrency – A cryptocurrency recovery professional will track transactions of cryptocurrency and investigate the matter using technological processes to recover stolen cryptocurrency. There is no effective solution to cryptocurrency thefts or scams owing to factors like the nascent stage, scale, and technologically complex character. However, a cryptocurrency recovery professional will apply the necessary technological and operational methods to get your money back to you.

3)    In case you have lost money to a binary options scam, go for a chargeback – In this method, you report the scam directly to your bank or card issuer. They deal with your scamming binary options company and get you your stolen money at any cost.


It is very important to trade very carefully online and be absolutely aware of your dealings. Be sure of your passwords, keys, etc. so that your data is not available to the public. Be careful about what you are sharing with the public and what is private. You should perform a check on the digital currency platform by reading its reviews so that you don’t become a victim of a cryptocurrency scam. As with other files, you should protect cryptocurrency files by installing anti-virus software. Don’t open emails with random links, open them only when the sender is trustworthy. Protect all your online accounts with a two-factor recognition process. Heavens forbid! If your cryptocurrency gets stolen anyhow, refer to the above options and get your valuable money back to your wallet!

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