How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp


  • With the invention of smartphones, online habits have changed. For example, the platform for something as simple as texting has changed, and now instead of SMS, online users use new-age messaging apps like WhatsApp. With a simple SMS, sending files, images, and videos was very difficult. But WhatsApp has removed those difficulties and apart from sending documents, text messages, and files, WhatsApp users can send audio messages and even conduct video calls.
  • Although, at times, you might send a text message or a file to the wrong person. How to save yourself from such a faux pas? The simple Answer to this question is, “By deleting a message.” But what if you have done just the opposite? How to recover your deleted messages in such a case?
  • In this post, we will be explaining the “delete” feature of WhatsApp, how you can see deleted messages with the help of an app, how you can recover media files, and how you can read deleted messages without using an app.

What is the “Delete feature” of WhatsApp?

Did you send a WhatsApp message complaining about your boss to your boss, instead of your friend? Sounds catastrophic, doesn’t it? Don’t freak out as WhatsApp has a solution for your problem. The solution is its “delete” feature. But how does that work? Let us answer the above question with the help of the following points:-

1) Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to the chat containing the wrong message.

2) Tap on the message and hold it for a few seconds. You can even tap on multiple messages.

3) Go to the top-right corner and click on the “Delete” option and select the option, “Delete for everyone”.

With the above steps being performed, you will get a message “This message was deleted.” Although for this to happen, both the sender and the recipient should be using the latest WhatsApp version. If the recipient is an IOS user, they may have the photos saved on their devices even after the sender has clicked on “Delete for everyone.”

How to read deleted messages using a third-party app? 

There is no official way on WhatsApp to read deleted messages. However, you can read deleted messages using a third-party app. The following are the steps you can follow to read deleted messages using a third-party platform:

  • Navigate to Google Play store and download Notisave as it can keep a tab on your notifications and that is important to recover or read deleted messages. Why Notisave? That’s because it has got a huge number of downloads and a lot of positive reviews.
  • Allow Notisave to access your notifications, media, photos, files, and switch on to the “auto-start” option.
  • After this, Notisave will keep a tab of all the notifications received by you, including WhatsApp messages.
  • Once that is done, you can read deleted WhatsApp messages on Notisave.
  • Notisave gives you permission to reply to messages without leaving Notisave.
  • Have you accidentally ignored notifications? Don’t worry as Notisave allows you to read those notifications.

How will you be able to see deleted WhatsApp media files?

One disadvantage of Notisave is that it does not allow you to see media files that have been deleted on WhatsApp. Perform the following steps to recover deleted media files:

1) Switch on to the option, “Automatically save images to gallery” from the settings menu on WhatsApp.

2) After the above step is done, your media files like images, videos, and GIFs will be stored from the saved contacts, even after they are deleted or removed from the chatbox.

Can you read deleted messages without using an app?

Are you an Android 11 user? If yes, life has become a lot easier for you as you will be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages without downloading a third-party app. You just need to perform the following steps to be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages:

1)    Go to the “Settings” tab, and click on “App and notifications”.

2)    Click on “Notifications”

3)    Click on “Notification history” and go to the button beside “Use notification history”

4)    All your future WhatsApp messages will appear on the screen.

The same steps need to be followed to read deleted WhatsApp messages every single time. For seeing deleted media files, refer to the steps in the “How will you be able to see deleted WhatsApp media files?” section of this blog post.


Deleted WhatsApp messages and media files can now be recovered using the above-mentioned steps. All you need to do is follow them to the T.

Download a third-party app or go for an Android 11 device

If you tend to accidentally delete WhatsApp messages too often, download a third-party app like Notisave or better still buy an Android 11 device. You will be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages with ease.


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