PUBG Mobile is outstanding amongst other Battle royale games and has a local area everywhere in the world. Its Exemplary Deathmatch is well known among Mobile gamers, which even beats Fortnite’s 100-player battle royale mode. The game isn’t accessible in some areas, and thus, numerous devoted gamers are left on the stagger. So in this guide, we present an essential guide on the best way to play PUBG Mobile in limited areas. If you face “Error code: restrict-area” while playing the PUBG Mobile game, this guide will assist you with dodging the issue. On that note, how about we feel free to discover how to play PUBG Mobile in Areas where the game is inaccessible.

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps to play PUBG Mobile in Restricted Regions. This online Battle royale game has effectively acclaimed huge loads of honors over time. The explanation behind the equivalent is a secret mystery. With fascinating ongoing Gameplay and challenging missions, the goal is to be the last man (or group) standing. While it might sound like a tough, simple assignment to accomplish on paper, yet as a general rule, it’s considerably more requesting. 

There are a few areas where this game isn’t accessible because of limitations or other related variables. Thus, users are left with no decision at all. Yet, if you are in a comparable situation, fret not. Today, I will tell you the best way to play PUBG Mobile in limited areas. Follow the below step-by-step guide.

How can you Play PUBG Mobile game in your Restricted Regions

  1. To play PUBG Mobile in Restricted Regions, you need to download a VPN app for your Android or iOS Device. I would suggest ProtonVPN as it offers workers from three significant areas for nothing out of pocket.
  2. Presently, connect the VPN with the US Server. Likewise, you can connect with the Japanese Server, yet I got a nice ping while related to a US Server.
  3. Whenever you are connected with the VPN, open PUBG Mobile as you typically do. 
  4. Here, click on the Server situated at the upper right corner and pick your decision of Server.
  5. At last, tap on “Start,” and you will be headed toward the Gameplay with no mistake. I was getting around 300-600ms of ping in my testing, which sure isn’t incredible, however undoubtedly playable.

Play PUBG Mobile Game in Restricted Regions

So that is the way you can play PUBG Mobile in limited regions without confronting mistakes, for example, “Error code: restrict-area.” Indeed, the ongoing Gameplay isn’t pretty much as smooth as you would expect, however as I said over, it’s more than playable. 

While we tried it, there were a couple of random frame drops. However, it was as yet close to the playable quality. It was pretty much expected since we are utilizing a free VPN service. However, the way we can get the game going was still very significant. Deciding on a paid VPN plan would likewise improve the ping in PUBG and the general interactivity. Read more about ocean of games.