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  • The fact that Google is the go-to search engine for inquisitive minds is nothing new. We search for anything under the sun using Google. For example, if you need to know what the symptoms of the Coronavirus are you can search for the same on Google. Do you need to know the mileage of the newest SUV car? Google has your answer. In fact, people now use “Google” not only as a search engine but also as a verb. It is like telling your friend, “If you need to know the features of the iPhone 11, why don’t you “Google” it?
  • The human mind is curious to know everything that’s happening around. With the advent of technology, the search has become easier and more so because we have Google with us. However, you need to ensure you use the correct search terms to get what you are searching for.
  •  In this post, we will be covering why Google is the go-to search engine, and how you should master Google search. Let’s start without any dilly-dallying.

Why is Google the go-to search engine for online users?

In the current section, we will attempt to explain the top reasons why Google is the search engine that everyone goes for. The reasons are:

  1. a)   Lightning-fast speedGoogle is the fastest among the search engines that are currently available online.

 2. b)   Up-to-date information – Google gives you access to those sites that are the most relevant and the newest.

 3. c)   Brilliant self-promotion – Google promotes all its products on many platforms which is why you hear the name “Google” so often.

      How will you be able to master Google search?

Let’s now dive into the much-awaited section where you get to know how you can master Google search. We have compiled a list below for you to explain the same:

1)    Are you unable to remember the full name of a song? Don’t worry, just use an asterisk mark “*” – An asterisk mark for Google is a signal that some words are missing. It will then fill up the missing words for you.  For example, “Every night in my dreams*”.

 2)    Do you want to read every article related to a particular topic on a specific website? Just type in, “ topic” and click on search – For example, you want to have access to all the content related to “game” on Just type in game and Voila! You will have what you were searching for.

 3)    Do you need to have access to every website similar to a particular website? Just type in “related:” and click on search – Do you need to know what some websites similar to “” are? Just type in “” and click search.

 4)    Do you want to search for a specific phrase? Just use quotation marks – If you need to search for a specific phrase, just use quotes around the phrase. For example, “playing online games with friends”.

 5)    Do you wish to search without a particular keyword? Just use the “-“sign or the “minus” sign – You might want to find something on the internet without a particular keyword. In such a case, just use “-“, and then the word. For example, “PUBG Royale Pass –game”.

 6)    Are you looking for the source of a picture or a picture similar to the one that you have? Download the picture that you have and paste it on the search bar – Let us make the process easier for you by explaining the same in the form of the following steps: Download the picture that you want to search for – Navigate to – Click on “camera” – Upload the picture that you have or paste the URL. What will be the result? You will see related pictures and even the source for the picture.

 7)    Are you not sure what exactly to search for? Just use “or” – For example, you are not sure which Adam acted in a particular movie, you just need to type in Adam Sandler or Adam Goldberg, search and you will get your answer.

 8)    Do you want to search using a time period? Go ahead and do so using “…” – Suppose, you are looking for online games invented between 2014 and 2020. Just type in “online game inventions 2014…2020” and search. Simple, isn’t it?

 9)    Do you want to know what bamboozle means? Just use “Define:slangterm” –  To make it easier for you to understand, let us take the example of “bamboozle”. Just type in “Define: bamboozle” and click on search. You will get the meaning.


The internet sure seems to be a magical world. But, it was created by humans. Therefore, knowing the tricks of the game is easy if you are ready to research a bit. The above tips and tricks will surely help you master Google search and make your online experience smoother.

Go through our “How to master Google search” section and become a master!

Now that you know how to master Google search, what are you waiting for? Put the above tips and tricks to practice and unlock hidden online treasures.

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