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  • Instagram Reels are a hit in the digital world these days. They are short videos that showcase the products and services that a business provides. In order to generate more leads, more and more businesses are using them to grow their businesses and expand globally. In order to generate more business, it is important to know how you should grow more followers using Instagram Reels.
  • Instagram Reels are used by anyone who loves creating content However, businesses have also understood the importance of reels to grow their brand image.
  • In this post, we will be focusing on the latest Instagram updates, how reels attract people and followers, how you can increase followers using Instagram reels, and the latest Instagram strategies to use Instagram reels to your advantage and the reels trend in India.

Latest Instagram updates

The reels trend in India has kept users hooked to the latest Instagram updates. The updates are rolled out in order to provide creators and businesses with better insights into the performance of their content and use data to improve their performances.

  •  Businesses and creators can use new tools such as metrics like Plays, Comments, Likes, Accounts Reached, Reel Shares, and saves so that they can measure their performance against competitors.
  •  Instagram is coming up with other updates such as increasing video timings that will help businesses and content creators to better market their products and services.

How do Instagram Reels attract people and followers?

Instagram reels are the new Instagram strategy that businesses and content creators are using these days. But how is this new Instagram strategy able to attract people and followers. The following points will help us understand the same:

  • Instagram Reels in India has arrived on the popular social media platform, Instagram that already has a lot of followers, and therefore, more and more people and followers are attracted to Instagram reels in India.
  • New and Innovative content always attracts people and followers and Instagram Reels is the perfect platform for creativity.
  • Since re-sharing of content has been made possible, more and more people and followers are attracted to Instagram reels as they are shared on more than one platform.
  • Relatable, short-form videos and the ones that are less-produced are gaining more importance these days as people and followers have many things to view on the internet and in a very short span of time.

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 How to Grow followers using Instagram Reels?

Now that we know how Instagram reels attract people and followers, you must be curious to know how you can increase followers using Instagram Reels so that your business gets more exposure. The following points will help answer the above question:-

  • Your videos should clearly convey your intentions – Short videos or Instagram reels should be targeted to the audience that you want to reach and to make that possible you should be clear about what your brand is actually about and the products and services that you specialize in.
  • Produce content that has value – If you produce content that is valuable to the viewers, you will get more and more followers. You should also be consistent when it comes to producing valuable content to attract more and more followers.
  • Use tools to engage your viewers – You can engage your viewers by using tools such as like, comment, and share so that they get notifications when you come up with content. Not only that, it can help you gain more followers.

 Latest Instagram Strategies

Let us go through the latest Instagram strategies to use reels to your advantage:-

  • Bonus Videos – Bonus videos or behind-the-scenes videos are used extensively by creators and businesses to build personal connections with your audience.
  • Videos created through user content – Videos that are created on the basis of content sent by viewers have far more reach than any other content.
  • Educational Videos – How-to videos, for example, help people come back to the creator’s or business’s content.
  • Videos of products – Showcasing products that are used while the video is being shot ensures followers have a better idea about the same.
  • Fun videos – Videos that are fun and are able to connect at a personal level are engaging.

Instagram Reels in India

Since Tik Tok has been banned, Instagram Reels in India is gaining immense popularity. According to Instagram India and other agencies, 7 out of 10 people in the age group of 18-29, are ready to use Instagram reels as the platform for sharing videos. Reels in India are “in” as more and more users are switching to Instagram reels now that Tiktok has exited from the Indian market.

Showcase your products on Instagram Reels now!

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Instagram Reels are here to stay and impact businesses in a big way as the followers following those reels will translate into successful leads.


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