_Improve PUBG Mobile Performance on Low-end Devices

PUBG on PC is infamous for its helpless enhancements. I will tell you that the Improve PUBG Mobile Performance. The game’s versatile variant is somewhat very much upgraded and runs reasonably efficiently on practically all advanced devices.

Nonetheless, in case you’re shaking a more established device or maybe something a little underpowered, you may have confronted infrequent faltering and edge drops while playing PUBG Mobile.

Presently, you can effectively improve PUBG execution on low-end devices by altering the config file or introducing the GFX tool application (Rooted devices as it were).

Improve PUBG Portable Execution on Low-end Gadgets by altering config records

  • After you downloaded and install a root file explorer of your decision, you’ll need to find the PUBG mobile UserCustom.ini file. You have to find the UserCustom.ini in the root file explorer.
  • You’ll, at that point, need to open the document to alter values and to do as such, you may have to change its expansion to .txt and open note pad application with it. If you’re utilizing the ES Document Explorer, you’ll get a choice to open it with the in-fabricated ES Note editor.
  •  You’ll presently be welcomed with many numbers and letters that have neither rhyme nor reason. It is the place where the PUBG Config Converter becomes possibly an essential factor. You have to copy the composite mass after +CVars=, then paste it into the upper field of the converter and click “Extend”.
  • The converter will, in a flash, interpret the passage, and you’ll have the option to alter the qualities. Ensure you change the rates that affect the game’s presentation, including quality, shadow, blossom, field profundity, refraction, and so on.
  • When you’ve altered the qualities, you’ll need to duplicate the new setting and encode it by and by and paste it precisely where you replicated it from.
  • You have to repeat the interaction several times to change each setting to the minimum requirements and have a better understanding of cheap equipment.

Improve PUBG Mobile Performance on Low-end Devices by Using GFX Tool

GFX Tool for PUBG-Game Launcher & Optimizer
Gfx Tool Image of Play store
  • The subsequent strategy, which is only for rooted gadgets, is genuinely basic and direct. It uses the GFX tool, you have to download to your device from the Google website.
  • Dissimilar to the past technique for non-rooted gadgets, the GFX Device application is reasonably helpful and gives a straightforward interface to change the PUBG Graphics settings.
  •  Arrange the GFX Device as per the picture given beneath and tap on the ‘Acknowledge’ button. The record at this time will be changed to “Start Game”. Tapping on it will take you straightforwardly to the game.

GFX Tools Features With Advance Powerful Setting

GFX Tool
The powerful setting of the GFX tool

This is the original look of the GFX Tool and that you can see that the mobile screen image and that saw of all internal GFX features are very used full for improving PUBG’s Performance let’s see if all features and Advance powerful setting is under below.

Select Version:

First of all, you can select the most important part of your game version so that you can use other features of the GFX Tool.


The second one is you set the optimal resolution for the game that features you can use and you play PUBG very Smoothly and Extremely good performance provide the game and that option you can choose for device RAM so better use for that option.


Graphics provides many options for your device so choose the best graphics for your device.


FPS(frames per second) that FPS use full for the develop your shooting performance for your game that many options of providing of FPS in GFX tool you can choose best of 60fps to higher shooting performance for your game.


Anti-aliasing is the development of your pubg textures and graphics use full for very smoothly and spot any person in the game very easily and killed and shoot the person this option is mostly to use full for the higher devices that are a low-end device high FPS so you not Anti-aliasing.


That Styles option using to choose your favorite color filter in your game.

Rendering Quality:

Rendering Quality is a very important point for your game your Low rendering quality is the improve your low-end device high performance for your pubg mobile.


Most off Persone that option click in disable but that wrong that option skip for better gaming Performance.

Texture Quality:

Texture Quality is Low for a better option for your game.

Effect Quality:

Effect Quality use for Sparks,explosions,fire,etc so that You can internal Low option for better result.

Improve For Effects:

Improves for above effect then you can click Low option.

Object LOD Distance:

Object LOD Distance is better used to see buildings, creates, etc so you click Low for better useability.

Foliage LOD Distance:

Foliage LOD Distance is the better for your Low option.

Color Format:

That Color Format use for and extra smooth for your run of the game of your device so click 32-bit for better quality.

Detail Mode:

This Detail Mode is best for a low option for your device.

Light Effects:

Light Effects disable for better performance.

Graphics API:

Graphics API is Use for the Reduce GPU load so that better for your game OpenGL option for your good performance.

GPU Optimization:

These GPU Optimizations need hardware support so that options enable for your better option to improve PUBG Mobile.

Sound Quality:

A sound quality set for your mobile device then i can choose for better in mobile high sound quality.

Water Reflection:

That Water Reflection is disabled for your good performance.

Save Controls:

These Save Controls last option and save your setting in your game like sensitivity etc. so that you can enable your gaming improvement.

  • Then Last Accept All Settings and Run your Pubg game.


  • On the off chance that you don’t perceive any distinction in execution, have a go at rebooting your device and open the game by and by to get the settings to work.

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