• Are you a regular player on PUBG? Do you wish to get new skins and exciting items? If yes, PUBG Royal Pass is exactly what you need. However, if you are not willing to pay real money to get PUBG Royal Pass, you have landed on the right blog as we explain how you can get PUBG Royal Pass for free? Sounds fun? It sure is.
  • If you are a regular PUBG player and wish to explore new things in the game, you should read on.
  • In this post, we will cover what PUBG Royal Pass is and the ways you can get PUBG Royal Pass for free.

What is PUBG Royal Pass?

The PUBG Royal Pass is a campaign that occurs every season in which players go up the ranks and earn RP to get various rewards like skins for weapons, clothes, and others. For this, they need to complete some challenges. As explained in one of our previous blogs on PUBG, Royal Pass is of two types – Free Royal Pass & Elite Royal Pass. You don’t need to pay anything for the former but for the latter, you need 600 UC. Since buying is not fun, we have presented a list of ways in which you can get PUBG Royal Pass for free, in the upcoming section.

Ways in which you can get PUBG Royal Pass for free

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the list of ways in which you can get PUBG Royal Pass for free. Here is the list:

1)    UC Giveaways for free – Although this is the easiest way of getting a Free PUBG Royal Pass, the chances of winning are not that high. Yet, there’s no harm trying. But how does this work? Perform the following steps:

 a)   Go to Youtube.

b)   In the search bar type, “Free PUBG Royal Pass Giveaways”.

c)   Navigate to the Live Stream.

d)   You need to comment and subscribe to partake in the contest.

e)   Hope for the best!

 2)    Make use of VPN Tricks to get Free PUBG UC – You just need to perform the following steps:

 a)   Go to Google PlayStore and Download ExpressVPN.

b)   Create a Gmail account of the USA or South Korea.

c)   Navigate to PlayStore and open the newly created Gmail account.

d)   Navigate to Play Points and then to “Get Started”.

e)   Click on one of the applications for earning points.

f)   45 points will be deposited in your account for the first time.

g)   After 1-2 weeks you will get more such applications.

h)   Once you earn 100 points, click on USE and “Buy” 60 UC.

i)   Repeat these steps to earn 8100 UC within a month.

j)   Make use of the UC cash that you earn to get the PUBG Royal Pass for free.

 3)    Get Free PUBG Royal Pass money from PlayStore – Just go ahead and perform the following steps:

 a)   Go to Google PlayStore.

b)   Click on Notifications on the left-hand menu and you will see some game credits.

c)   Every email in PlayStore gets some discount offers.

d)   You can also get a discount of 90%-100% on in-game purchases.

e)   Check Notifications

f)     Go to the Gift Card section so that you don’t need to pay anything.

 4)    Getting PUBG Free Royal Pass as a gift from friends – Friends and family members might also be kind enough to give you PUBG Royal Pass as a present on your birthday or some other special day. You just need to play well and sometimes even brands give you money as gifts so that you can get UC for free.

 5)    Third-party applications distributing Free PUBG Royal Pass as rewards – Some applications ask you to complete some simple tasks like visiting a website to give you a Free PUBG Royal Pass as a reward. Hurry up! Search for such an application without any delay.

 6)    Take part in Bonus Challenges to get Free PUBG Royal Pass UC – You can take part in tournaments within the game using your golden card. You need to register and play a solo match to win points which you can exchange for UC points. With the UC points, you can buy PUBG Royal Pass without shelling out any money.


There is no official way by which you can get a free PUBG Royal Pass. However, you can try any of the above ways to get the PUBG Royal Pass for free.

Refer to the above list

Now that you are aware of the ways by which you can get a free PUBG Royal Pass, try them one by one. You will be successful as these are tried and tested methods. Don’t look left or right. Just follow the tricks that we have listed for you.

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