How to get Google Ads approved on Websites?


  • Having a website of your own is an exciting thing. But, getting Google Ads approval for your website is not that exciting. It takes a lot of time and can get really taxing at times. Google may even disapprove of your Google Ads and you may need to repeat the process of applying for approval again. What you need to do at such times is have patience and know the right process of getting Google Ads approval on your website without spending a lot of time.
  • If you have a website of your own and looking to get Google Ads approval for the same, you have chosen the right blog post to read.
  • In this blog post, we will be talking about the approval process of Google Ads and the ways to get Google Ads approval for your website in no time. So, let’s get started!

The Approval Process of Google Ads for your Website

  • The process begins with you creating or editing an ad on Google Ads erstwhile Google AdWords. One thing to remember is that while editing an existing ad, you need to save it but before that, you need to get it reviewed again. Even if you create a new ad, you will have to follow the same process. If you wish to change, add, or update your ad, you need to get the ad reviewed again.

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Now, suppose you have submitted your ad for approval, what next? Google will check some aspects of your ad. What are they?

  • If your Ad Headline is unsolicited.
  • If the description written by you is real or offensive.
  • If the keywords go well with the ad.
  • If the landing page goes well with your ad.
  • Google will never approve of an ad that doesn’t assure the best user experience for its searchers.
  • What next? You have to wait, keeping your fingers crossed for your Google ads to be approved.
  • Google will have to review your ads and approve the same after ensuring your ads live up to their standards.
  • Google reviews ads on a “first come first serve” basis. It gives priority to the ads that they receive first. That is the reason why the review and approval process takes such a long time. If your ad is eligible for approval, Google marks them as “eligible” within a day (business day). This means that although your ads are yet to be approved, you can run the same on some specific pages even while the review process is still on. Usually, you will need to make a few adjustments to the ad to get it approved.

Ways to get Google Ads approval for your website in no time

  • In this section, we are going to attempt to find an answer to the question, “How to get Google Ads approved on websites in no time?” Below, we have listed a few ways that will help you get your Google Ads approved quickly:

1) By ensuring the content of your ads does not fall under the “Prohibited Content” category :

  • Try to exclude content (from your ads) that is prohibited by Google AdWords. What are some examples of prohibited content? They are the sale and promotion of counterfeit products, drugs, weapons, explosives, and others. Also ensure your ads don’t enable malicious activities like software hacking, selling fake documents, and others. Also, you are supposed to keep yourself from promoting hatred, violence, intolerance, etc.

2) By staying away from prohibited practices :

  • This is an important way to get Google Ads approval for your website in no time. Ensure you don’t abuse the ad network by using malware to manipulate social advertisements on the network. Also, you need to ensure your landing page uses a secure server so that the checkout process becomes smoother. If you want your ads to have a role in increasing your sales or traffic on your website, you need an SSL certificate. You can’t misrepresent facts, prices, or data if you want your ads to be approved.

3) By ensuring you do not promote restricted content :

  • You should not promote or advertise alcohol, adult content, political content, financial/legal advertising content, gambling and games, and healthcare on your website. Also, you need to check the restrictions that your industry has detailed and ensure you stay away from restricted content.

4) By writing professional ads :

  • Writing professional ads is also another way to get Google Ads approval on your website in no time. By this, we mean that the language and appearance of your ads should be professional.

5) By ensuring your display URL matches the landing page :

  • This is an important way to get Google Ads approval on your website in no time. While creating an ad, you need to write the display URL. Ensure it matches the landing page so as to get your Google Ads approved for your website.

6) By ensuring the message on your ads and landing page match :

  • This is a way that will quicken the Google Ads approval process for your website. This means using clickbait is strictly prohibited.


Getting Google Ads approved on your website is a complex and time-consuming process. But, you will get through in no time if you follow the above simple ways that have been presented in an attempt to answer the question, “How to get Google Ads approved on websites in no time?”. By following the above ways, you will get a step closer to making your dream of having a website of your own a reality.

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