How to get any eBook easily for free?


  • Gone are the days when people had to visit libraries to read their favorite books. The internet has made it possible for us to download and read online books or eBooks from the comfort of our homes. You must be thinking, “Is there any way of getting access to eBooks without making a hole in my pocket?” Well, in this blog post we will attempt to explore all the options through which you can get access to eBooks easily for free.
  •  If you spend hours online reading eBooks, this blog post will prove to be extremely useful to you.
  •  In this post, we will be attempting to answer the question, “How to get any eBook easily for free?”

Here’s list of 18 best free ebooks and ways to get any eBook easily for free

  1. Google eBookstore. The Google eBookstore offers an entire section of free e-books to download.
  2. Open Library.
  3. Internet Archive. 
  4. BookBoon.
  6. Free eBooks. 
  7. LibriVox.
  8. PDFBooksWorld.
  9. Feedbooks.
  10. International Digital Children’s Library.
  11. Check your local library.
  12. Project Gutenberg.
  13. Big Sites offering Permafree and Promotional free eBooks.
  14. Amazon Prime (Free eBook trials).
  15. Kobo.
  16. NetGallery Reviewers.
  17. Free eBook sites and directories.
  18. Promotion Sites for Big Books.

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Ways to get any eBook easily for free

Let us now explore the options or ways to get eBooks easily for free:

1) Google eBookstore. The Google eBookstore offers an entire section of free e-books to download

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Google eBookstore also provides a section of free e-books store so you can see that section and now you can get any of your favorite ebooks and learning and reading to joyfully and also you can see any ebooks rating and reviews from other users and many ebooks you can get just like The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Before Dawn by Suzanne Halliday.

2) Open Library

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Open Library best also provides a great way to get a free ebook and Open Library 1 million ebooks provided for free that library multiple ebooks available just like Código penal de la República Argentina and Typhoon and Open library catalog is an open project of the internet archive.

3) Internet Archive –

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Internet Archive is such a great library ever because that library is a non-profit library of millions of free historical books, movies, software, music, websites, and more data includes of that Internet Archive multiple historical ebooks like Historical Kan Issue21 by Historical kan Periodical.

4) BookBoon –

How to get any eBook easily for free?

BookBoon is provided multiples options like empowering you to succeed and academically and professionally and quick skill learning through audio learning, eBooks, and online courses and 1,000 eBooks free provided by Bookboon eBooks of Advanced Communication Skills and An Introduction to Business and Business Planning.


How to get any eBook easily for free?

ManyBooks give to multiple preferred genres like romance, Action & Adventure, Mystery, and Thriller Bios & History, Children’s, Young adults, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Science Fiction and eBooks like Tesla by Jason Walker and Wolf Hollow by Nikki Jefford.

6) Free eBooks

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Free eBooks multiple categories include so you can choose your favorite category and read many eBooks and develop your learning skill ebooks like A Closer Look at Membrane Proteins and Special Relativity with Einstein.

7) LibriVox

How to get any eBook easily for free?

LibriVox is read and audiobooks provided and then two partisan first is volunteer and second is catalog any you can choose and get any eBooks for free and ebooks like State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1934 – 1945).

8) PDFBooksWorld

How to get any eBook easily for free?

PDF Books World library is a public domain use and very high-quality resource for free in PDF books and most popular legendary authors to a modern reading room.

9) Feedbooks

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Feedbooks are also in public domain use and you can enjoy your books on any device like smartphones, tablets, or dedicated readers Shadow of the Wolf: In the Loup, Book 1 by Mac Flynn and Desired By the Wolf #1: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance by Mac Flynn.

10) International Digital Children’s Library

How to get any eBook easily for free?

International Digital Children’s Library is provided with award-winning eBooks for the children and multiple ebooks like little kittens by McLoughlin Bros.

11) Check your local library

You can meet your local library and sign up your account for your local library and you can take your card to the local library and choose and take any ebooks for that library.

12) Project Gutenberg

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Project Gutenberg is one of the top sources to get eBooks easily for free because you get the chance of choosing from over 60,000 free eBooks on this online community. You will have access to classics and those eBooks that do not have the copyright or have lost the same. Some of the top downloaded eBooks are The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Secret Service Agents, and Pride and Prejudice.

13) Big Sites offering Permafree and Promotional free eBooks – You will be surprised to know that top sites like Google Play, Amazon, and Kobo, contain sections where they provide access to permanently free eBooks (permafree) and promotional eBooks that are available at the price of zero. You can not only have access to fiction and non-fiction books but popular books as well.

14) Amazon Prime (Free eBook trials)

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? Yes? Superb! You can now get easy access to various books, comic books, magazines, etc., all for free. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle device as you can download Kindle Apps for iOS and Android and download Amazon’s Kindle books for free. Non-prime members can go for a 30-days free trial and utilize all the benefits. They can even borrow kindle books for free for a month.

15) Kobo

How to get any eBook easily for free?

Kobo is also one of the best ways of getting eBooks easily for free because it has over 5 million books from which you can choose. If you are thinking of buying your first book, just take the plunge as Kobo will contribute $5 towards it and that includes bestsellers and new releases. If you refer this deal to your friends and family members, you can even earn a commission. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the deal now!

16) NetGallery Reviewers

How to get any eBook easily for free?

If you are a book reviewer or a professional reader and wish to read books before they are published, NetGallery is the perfect site for you. Anyone from authors to book reviewers, journalists to bloggers, librarians to professors can become a professional reader by reading and recommending books. All you need to do is get approval for being a professional reader and review big and important books without shelling out any money. Some of the books that NetGallery houses include that are written by internationally acclaimed authors like Sophie Kinsella, Chris Bohjalian, and Andy Weir.

17) Free eBook sites and directories – Not all eBook sites and directories are legitimate. So, we have compiled below a list of some of the most trusted eBook sites and directories for you to explore:

  • – One of the most trusted free online book directories.
  • – User-friendly site that contains a vast collection of non-fiction and technical books.
  •– One of the most noteworthy eBook depositories which also has a free section net.
  • One of the most trusted free eBook sites which is also user-friendly.

18) Promotion Sites for Big Books – The final option on our list which is an attempt to answer the question, “How to get any eBook easily for free?” are the promotion sites for big books where you can get free eBooks. What are some of the sites? Book Bub, Free Booksy, StoryOrigin, and Book Sends. Subscribing to their newsletters will help you get free eBooks in your inbox every day.


As clear from the above list, you don’t need to pay anything to get hold of eBooks. You can download and read eBooks easily and for free from trusted and legitimate sources like promotion sites for big books, or free eBook sites, or even through Amazon. Use the above-listed sources and read to your heart’s content!




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