How to get a job in FAANG companies?


  • FAANG companies some of the most renowned and largest tech giants namely, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Sometimes, other large tech giants like Microsoft are also added to this list. The stock performance of these FAANG companies is capable of having a significant impact on the market as a whole. Getting into the FAANG companies requires a lot of skill and knowledge. But how will you get a job in the FAANG companies? Let’s explore the same in this blog post.
  • If you are a fresh graduate, looking to make it big as a technical expert, we suggest you read the current blog post till the end.
  • In this post, we will be covering the reasons to work at FAANG companies, the work of engineers at FAANG companies, and how you can get a job at FAANG companies.

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Reasons why you should work in FAANG companies

Here’s why you should work at FAANG companies:

1) You can be a part of important changes

  • If you work at the FAANG companies, you will be getting an opportunity to impact the lives of millions and millions of people. The feeling of satisfaction that creating an impact on people’s lives brings is pretty rewarding.

2) You can be a part of an amazing work culture

  • FAANG companies are well known for their excellent work culture. You can experience the same by getting into these FAANG companies.

3) Financial Benefits

  • FAANG companies are known to offer higher pay packages than other companies. The compensation levels keep increasing as you gain more experience and knowledge.

4) Fringe Benefits

  • Some fringe benefits offered by the FAANG companies are free or discounted meals, travel allowances, and everything else to ensure all your needs are satisfied so that you can focus on your work and be productive.

5) Security

  • Getting a salary on time is never a problem with FAANG companies. If you are laid off, you will be given severance pays so that you don’t go without salary while looking for another job opportunity.

6) You will find it easier to get another job opportunity

  • An experience of working at the FAANG companies gives more weightage to your resume and makes it easier for you to find other job opportunities.

Work of Engineers in FAANG companies

  • In FAANG companies, many engineers work on a single product or project. The process of working is well-planned and forthright.
  • FAANG companies consist of employees who are technically sound and worship software. Even non-technical employees learn the basics. Job roles are aligned with each other and the environment is conducive to growth.
  • FAANG companies hire the best technical minds in the industry so that they get an extra edge over the rest.
  • Both technical employees and non-technical ones are eligible for many attractive perks and benefits at FAANG companies. As mentioned above, some of the perks and benefits include paid off-sites, handsome pay packages, free lunches, and big events.

He cracked FAANG interviews in 10 companies including Amazon, Facebook, UBER, Microsoft

How can you get a job in FAANG companies?

  • You need to have good problem-solving skills, skills in solving algorithms, experience in open source projects, and experience in participating in coding competitions to get into one of the FAANG companies. In addition to technical skills, you should also polish your soft skills as it is important too.
  • The following steps will help answer the question, “How to get a job in FAANG companies?”

1) Interview process

  • You can go through various blogs that are floating around in the digital world to understand the interview process of the FAANG companies as no two FAANG companies have the same interview process. Usually, for an entry-level or a lateral position, you need to go through 3-7 rounds.

2) Pre-Screening Round

  • This round is said to be the most difficult round and includes shortlisting of your resume. Your resume should set you apart from the other candidates. You will be asked a few HR questions which should be in sync with the requirements of the job to increase your chances of being hired.

3) Technical Round

  • Passing the Pre-Screening Round successfully will guarantee you entry in the Technical Round where you need to take a technical test. Here, your knowledge of data structures and algorithms will be put to test. You can successfully overcome difficult problems if you have experience in competitive programming.

4) Personal Interview Round

  • This round consists of two parts – Technical Interviews and HR Interviews. You need to practice a lot of coding and problem-solving to crack technical interviews. The HR interview will focus on HR questions such as why you should be hired at the FAANG companies, what your strengths are and how they match with the requirements of the job, among other questions.


  • Now that you know how to get a job in FAANG companies, all you need to do is polish your skills and practice and prepare to crack all the rounds with elan. Also, remember “if there is a will, there is a way.”

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