The Valheim Mistlands Queen is the brand new boss that arrived with the Mistlands replace, which you’ll be able to play now on the Valheim public testing department. However discovering the Queen’s location in your map and getting into her lair to confront her goes to take a whole lot of exploration, useful resource gathering, and crafting within the harmful and misty new biome.

For anybody who has battled the opposite 5 Valheim bosses, the method of finding Valheim’s new boss, Vegvisir the Queen, will largely be acquainted, however there is a new wrinkle in the case of truly getting the prospect to beat her. The opposite bosses have to be situated and summoned with sure objects positioned of their altars, however the Queen works somewhat in a different way. Spoiler alert: There’s a picture of the Queen on the finish of the second part of this information, so if you wish to be utterly stunned, flip again now.

Tips on how to discover the Queen

Valheim Mistlands Queen: Tips on how to discover the Mistlands boss

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