How to enable slow motion video in any android device

One of the most significant features as yet restrictive to lead Android device is recording moderate movement videos. The ability to There are a plethora of third-party applications available that claim to allow slow motion video recording; however, the vast majority of them are useless.

Enable Slow Video Recording in Any Android Device

There are a massive load of third-party applications out there that vows to empower slow movement video recording; most of them are rubbish. I tracked down that slow Movement Video FX is the fabulous pack. In the following area, we will show you how to utilize the application to empower slow-motion video on your device.

  • When you have installed the Slow Movement Video FX application on your device, open it. Here, tap on the “Slow Movement FX” button. Presently, select whether you need to record another video or apply moderate movement impact to an all-around existing video. I will select the “Pick film” alternative. 
  • When the video has been imported, the application will give you a short instructional exercise on the best way to utilize the application. You can look at the instructional activity or skip it. 
  • To utilize this application, all you need to know is that the altering happens in the timetable, separated into two sections by a weak line. There are two specks in the center which mark the beginning and the finish of your impact. You can click on the dots all over to adjust the video’s frame rate. To empower moderate movement video, ensure that both the dabs are underneath the segment line. The nearer the spots are to the base, the more slow will be the video.

Conclusion: While the slow movement impact utilizing the third-party applications won’t ever be pretty much as significant as the ones recorded locally by the upheld phones, they permit you to create a practically comparable impact that proves to be valid a ton.

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