How to earn money from photography?


  • These days, many have turned their passion for photography into a source of income. While for some Photography is the main source of income, for some others, it is a source of additional income. There are also some who are not aware of the ways by which photography can be turned into a source of income and are casual photographers. Whatever be the reason, creating magic with the help of a simple device like a camera gives a different level of satisfaction. Did you know you could sell your photos from the comfort of your home? Yes, it is possible to do so all thanks to the internet.
  • Is photography what you live for? Do you want to turn your passion for photography into a source of income? If yes, this blog post will prove to be extremely useful for you and, therefore, we urge you to read it till the curtains on the current blog post drop.
  • In this post, we will be covering the ways in which you can earn money from photography.

Ways in which you can earn money from photography

Let’s now dive right into the much-awaited list of the ways in which photography can help you earn the much-needed moolah:

 1) Make your photo prints available for selling – One of the easiest way/s to sell your photos, even the ones that you already possess, is by selling photo prints. Is your subject animal? Or is it a landscape? Whatever be your subject, you can transform the same into magical prints. You can sell your photo prints on your website or on Etsy, PhotoShelter, Society6, and SmugMug.

 2) Make your photos available for retail selling – This is one of the best ways to deal with the question, “How to earn money from photography?”  If you are thinking of retail selling your photos, here are the platforms that you can use:

a)   By selling your photos as Greeting cards or Postcards.

b)   By selling your photos as Calendars.

c)   By selling your photos in journals.

d)   By having your photos printed on phone cases or laptop cases.

e)   By having your photos printed on T-shirts.

 Here’s where you can start selling – Etsy, Society6, among others.

 3) Make your photos available for selling as Stock Photos – Selling photos as stock photos is also a way of answering the question, “How to earn money from photography?” It is also one of the greatest ways to sell photos for extra income. Where can you sell? Dreamstime, Alamy, PhotoShelter, iStockphoto are some of the websites where you can start selling your stock photos. You should do away with product logos or brands that may be seen in your photos as it is considered the intellectual property of the brand manufacturers. Using relevant keywords will help you sell your photos faster. We suggest you provide blank space for adding logo, text, etc. Of course, high-quality photos enable you to earn more money and name as well.

4) Find popular online magazines to sell your photos – This is also a way that will prevent you from worrying, “How to earn money from photography?” Look for online magazines that go with the kind of work you do. Be it fashion or travel, business or culinary, there are various categories of magazines that you can choose from depending on the relevance of the magazine with your work. What will help you in impressing magazine editors? A powerful portfolio and flexibility in starting with local magazines.

5) Collaborate with Bloggers – Collaborating with bloggers is one of the best ways to earn money from photography as Blogging is done seriously and on a bigger scale these days. Bloggers know the importance of photographs to make their content more interesting and attractive to the readers. Casual photos are no longer posted by bloggers along with their content and many hire the services of a good photographer to make blogs reach out to a wider audience. The idea is to approach bloggers whose blog posts depend on well-captured photographs like fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers, and culinary bloggers. Getting someone to shoot photos is a more feasible option for bloggers than shooting photos themselves with a self-timer on. How will collaborating with bloggers help you apart from helping you earn money? By providing exposure to your work, especially if a blogger has a larger reach, and by cashing on opportunities to work with other bloggers (within the network of the blogger you will be working with initially).

 Parting words

You have the opportunity to turn your passion into a source of income. The satisfaction you will get from that is immeasurable. If you want people to take notice, we suggest you enroll in a photography course if photography is a hobby and you want to cash on it. Polishing your skills will ensure you become a photographer belonging to the top bracket. Therefore, we urge you to click your way to glory!



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