How to earn money from Instagram?


  • Instagram has become a widely popular social media app over the years. The number of active Instagram users can very well make up a whole country as it is a billion. Gone are the days when users used Instagram only for sharing photos and videos as it has become an important marketing tool in recent times. Businesses all around the world are including Instagram marketing strategies in their overall marketing and promotional campaigns to reach out to a broader audience. You will be surprised to know the percentage of people that use Instagram to learn about new products. It is 60% as per Instagram Business.
  •  Do you wish to expand your business and reach out to a global audience? If yes, you should read on.
  •  In this blog post, we will be covering the ways in which you can earn real money from Instagram.

 What are the ways in which you can earn real money from Instagram?

People all around the world are earning a lot of money using Instagram. The amount of money you earn depends on the number of followers, your reputation as a brand, and the level of engagement that your profile offers. Do you wish to be the next Kylie Jenner as far as Instagram income is concerned? Go through the following ways in which you can earn money and even a huge amount of money with the help of Instagram:

1) Affiliate Marketing – All you need to do is join affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank, Impact, etc., and include affiliate links in your profile so as to get a commission every time there is a sale. Instagram’s active and engaged user base can help you earn huge bucks with the help of this method. It is better to include a link instead of an URL in your bio so that your followers can easily access the same.

 2) Digitized Product SaleInstagram knows how important it is for you to expand your business and therefore it has included some business account elements like shoppable stickers, shop buttons, product tags, etc. to make the selling process smoother. You can also use a brilliant marketing tool named Square Online that allows you to connect your account with it, tag saleable items, and convert all of these into a website. You can also include Amazon links in your profile to sell your goods.

 3) Sponsored Advertisements – More and more brands are reaching out to social media influencers, especially Instagram influencers, to market their products as they have better in-person interactions with their followers who like to know what common people think about certain products so as to make the crucial purchase decision. It does not matter how many followers they have as long as they have a high engagement rate with their followers.

 4) Brand endorsements by Influencers – Brands are nowadays reaching out to influencers on Instagram who give positive reviews on their products. They send free samples for the influencers to review the same. Some even sign contracts with influencers. Brands leverage influencers with followers who represent their target audience. In the process, even influencers earn a huge amount of money and brands get new customers on a daily basis. Therefore, it is a win-win situation.

 5) Visual brand endorsements by real customers – Brands understand how important it is for new customers to check visual content shared by real customers on popular social media apps like Instagram. Therefore, they reach out to customers to sell their products and services by encouraging them to share their reviews through photos and videos. For example, restaurants reach out to food bloggers to promote their products and services by allowing them to taste their signature dishes.

 6) Business promotion through caption-writing – Brands are looking for freelance writers who are experts in writing captions for their businesses on Instagram so as to reduce social media marketing costs. Big brands, on the other hand, have an internal team of writers with vast experience in the field.

 7) Endorsements through Instagram Stories and Filters – Instagram stories and filters are short-lived content that generates a high rate of engagement as brands get the attention of their target audience which helps them generate more income. For example, Sparks AR Studio allows Instagram users to create innovative AR filters and thus help them in generating more income.


Now that you know the top ways in which you can earn money on Instagram, nothing can stop your brand from growing and expanding. The internet gives us many opportunities that we should make use of to taste success.

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