Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices

Battery Health offers the capacity and effectiveness of the battery at the time through software regarding rate. If your gadget’s Battery Health is 100%, that implies you can utilize the entirety of the capacity limit that the battery offers. On the off chance that you are searching to check your OnePlus gadgets’ battery soundness at that point, you’re in the right place.

Numerous users think the battery degrades its exhibition for quite a while. The working limit or the proficiency of the battery is diminished upon use at a specific period. If you’re not mindful, a Smartphones’s battery life expectancy relies upon the charge cycles appraised by the smartphone makers. If you own a OnePlus device and figure the battery isn’t proceeding as it ought to, you can check your OnePlus smartphone’s battery Health status utilizing this simple guide.

In reality, battery health is determined through an all-out battery cycle check and genuine current time battery limit perusing. Some outsider application doesn’t know about the battery cycle check and real limit. Apple has its own “Battery Health” system. On the off chance that any manufacturer incorporates battery-related data through built-in software or official application, at that point, it shows the correct data. 

We can’t get the battery well-being-related data in the OnePlus gadget through any authority or external applications. Yet, as of late, OnePlus delivered their Hardware Health application that shows the genuine “Battery Health” data about the device. This application is additionally accessible for more established OnePlus devices like the OnePlus three and OnePlus 3T.

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Check Battery Health on OnePlus Devices

To check battery health on your OnePlus smartphone, we will utilize the OnePlus diagnostic application. The application comes pre-installed on the more current OnePlus devices. Be that as it may, if it’s not accessible on your device, you can manually install it. We will accept that the application isn’t submitted on your device to consider every contingency for this article. So, here are the means: 

Note: Ensure that install unknown APK is enabled on your smartphone. Go to Settings – > Applications and Notification – > Special application access – > Install unknown applications and assign the program component that you will use to download the APK. 

  1. The OnePlus diagnostic application isn’t accessible on the Play Store to sideload the application. Download the OnePlus diagnostic application from Google.
  2. After the download is done, tap on the APK and confirm to install it.

Understand when you need to replace the OnePlus Battery

In this way, whenever you have your hands on the OnePlus Diagnostics Application, you can have a nearby glance at your gadget’s battery health and status. In this way, there are not many things that should be remembered before settling on a choice identified by your battery. Suppose the situation with your battery is anyplace.

Among 80% or more, your battery is excellent and fair.

Besides, if your battery status or health begins under 80%, or to be explicit, past 75%, you should consider changing your battery at the earliest opportunity. Changing your battery at the right time won’t just expand your gadget execution, yet additionally, increment its general life span. 

On the off chance that your gadget is running a working system above Android 6.0, you don’t have anything to stress over as the application will be support by your smartphone. On that note, check your battery status today and take an intelligent choice to expand your smartphones’ life span.

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