• If you spend hours online playing interesting video games, you must have heard about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But are you a pro in the game? No? Well, don’t worry most of the players are not. But how do you become a pro in this simple shooting game where you need to shoot enemies to win? It is very important to understand some of the tricky elements that Counter-Strike has and if you follow the tips that we have presented in this blog you will be nothing short of invincible in the game.
  •  If you are a beginner and don’t know the tips you should follow to be a pro, this blog post is for you. If you are already a Counter-Strike player but still struggling to be a pro, this blog post is for you too.
  •  In this post, we will be covering all the tips about Counter-Strike that will help you become a Counter-Strike pro. Shall we begin?

All the tips about Counter-Strike that will help you become a Counter-Strike Pro are given below:

Here’s the list:

1) Aim tactfully – Keep practicing and learn the best way to use your guns. How can you pin down your enemies in a duel? The information regarding spray patterns, firing rates, and damage will help you do the same. One perfect shot is what you need to gun your enemies down. Practice shooting with weapons before going for the purchase and also try to shoot at various distances and utilize the different features of all the weapons.

 2) Don’t stick to one position or tactic – Be unpredictable when it comes to taking a position so that your enemy finds it difficult to predict your position or move. Do you want to know some tactics to defeat your enemies? Just utilize your map structures and bring down your enemy’s viewing angle.

 3) Study your maps carefully – Studying and knowing your maps inside out will help you have an edge over your enemies as it will help you in understanding where your opponents can come, and the way you should act when you are in a tough spot. Not only that, knowing your maps thoroughly will help you increase your speed and improve communication with your team members.

 4) Learn to use grenades effectively – Grenades can prove to be lethal for your enemies on Counter-Strike. You just need to learn how to spread grenades on the various maps and be invincible.

 5) Remember, time does not wait for anyone – Timing plays an important role in Counter-Strike as enemies reach bomb sites within seconds before a round ends and you are armed with the task of killing enemies and planting a bomb within these few seconds.

 6) Learn the importance of a flash grenade – A flash grenade will save you when you are moving towards a vulnerable zone on Counter-Strike. Therefore, going to a vulnerable zone without a flash grenade can prove to be fatal for you. Who is going to throw it? It may be you or any one of your team members.

 7) Utilize a minimap – A minimap helps you learn about your teammates’ position on the radar and study the areas where your enemies may enter. A minimap is an effective tool that helps you be aware of all the relevant information needed to be a winner.

 8) Calculate money – Calculate the money that you have, your team members have, and your enemies have so that you can plan your move accordingly and become a winner.

 9) Don’t be in a hurry to kill your opponent – Are you always tempted to kill your enemy? Well, we understand your adrenaline level but it is advisable to kill your enemy by taking your time and not shoot them right away. By taking enough time, you can kill at least two of your opponents secretly.

 10) Make use of sounds – Using in-game sounds to your advantage will help you stay way ahead of your enemies. You can hear them and move accordingly. You can also confuse them by making sounds and be successful in Counter-Strike.

 11) Make use of boosts – Boosts are places on the maps which cannot be reached all by oneself but with the help of teammates by jumping on their back. How will boosts help you become a pro? Well, the surprise element of boosts will throw your enemies off-guard and will also help you see some places on the map in a better way. The idea is not to overuse it though as enemies may be able to predict your move if they know the boosts that you use normally.

 12) Know where to shoot from – Sometimes it is best to shoot through the weak spots on walls, doors, etc. but at other times it is advisable to change the place where you shoot from so as not to be predictable to your enemies.

 13) Communicate with your team members – Counter-Strike helps you focus on teamwork as the team wins as a whole and so it is important to communicate with your team members and learn to survive together.

 14) Take rest after every game – Taking rest after every game On Counter-Strike will help rejuvenate your body and mind and make you battle-ready.

 15) Use cosmetics to confuse your enemies – Use weapon skins and other cosmetics to confuse your enemies and be ahead.

Follow the above tips and be a pro

The above tips have been prepared while keeping in mind the “I want to win at all costs” spirit of every player on Counter-Strike. These tips will also make your enemies run for their lives to save themselves from powerful players like you.


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