How to aim better in PUBG mobile?


  • After creating a storm on PC, PUBG has now been launched on mobile too to entertain game fans across the world. With more than 600 million downloads, the PUBG mobile game has been reaching new heights of success. With 99 other players playing the game, you need to constantly sharpen your skills to be the winner of chicken dinner. Not only should you be particular about the weapons or ammunition you use or the terrain you land on, but you should also be able to aim perfectly to win over your enemies.
  • Do you want to be a better aimer? If yes, read on as we will be presenting you the ways by which you can aim better.
  •  In this post, we will be explaining the ways by which you can aim better in the PUBG mobile.

Ways by which you can aim better in the PUBG mobile game:

While there are some who are natural aimers, there are some others who need to polish their skills to aim better. In this section, we will give you the various ways by which you can aim better in the PUBG mobile:

1)    Fine-tune the sensitivity settings – If you are looking forward to being a better aimer, you need to fine-tune the sensitivity settings. Do you want to control your weapon’s recoil? You can do so by fine-tuning the sensitivity settings. But, where can you do that? Go to PUBG mobile’s settings and click on the sensitivity option. You can even play games in the training mode and put the sensitivity settings to the test. For close to mid-range, lower sensitivity is recommended while for long-range, higher sensitivity is recommended.

2)    Make use of the Aim Assist option – The Aim Assist option is here to solve all your aiming problems as it corrects your aims. This in turn will give your enemies sleepless nights. That’s what you want? Don’t you? You can click on the option by navigating to the settings.

3)    Make use of the Gyroscope feature – This feature also helps you aim better and eliminate your enemies without any interference by any of your fingers. The gyroscope feature helps you have a perfect angle to aim at your enemies.

4)    Crosshair placement should be perfect – When we are talking about the PUBG mobile game, there is no scope for mercy towards your enemies. Therefore, the crosshair placement should be perfect so that you aim at the enemy’s head and not the body or at the ground, thus ensuring instant death of your enemies. The best crosshair placement is at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the ground.

5)    Check your weapon’s features – Different weapons have different features and so you need to aim accordingly. Check your weapon’s range, recoil, travel, etc. to make use of your weapon’s features so that you aim better.

6)    Practice shooting – You should practice shooting to improve your aim but remember, the sound might alert your enemies. So, be careful.

 7)    Follow your enemy’s movements – Follow the movements of your enemies with the help of your cursor and try to aim at the moving target.

 8)    Don’t rush to fire – The idea is to observe your enemies’ movements and fire at them when they are aloof.

9)    Fire as per the bullet speed – Different weapons have different bullet speeds. Some bullets have less speed, so the idea is to let go of the trigger a second before your enemy passes your target so that the bullet hits straight at the enemy and at the correct time.

10) Aim a bit higher than your targeted area – When aiming at your enemy, ensure you aim a bit higher than the body part targeted. For example, if you are going for the body aim at the neck, and if you are going for the head aim a bit higher. This will ensure the instant death of your enemy.

11) Make use of your senses – This is very important to help you aim better. You should wear powerful headphones to be aware of the footsteps of the enemies or gunshots fired nearby. When the volume of your headphone is lower, keep an eye on the mini-map to be aware of your enemy’s whereabouts and aim accordingly.

Aim better and be a winner!

Now that you know the ways by which you can aim better, try them and become invincible in the PUBG mobile game. Make use of the most suitable tip or trick that will help you kill your enemy. Remember, the last one standing is the winner.

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