Team Fortress 2 best shooters

Sometimes one thing terrible occurs to something stunning. A speedrunner sneezes three hours as a no-hit perfect run and gets tagged. Your preferred MMO shuts down, closing a whole globe. The organization overlords of this minimum business RPG ever dump its creators (starts in brand new tab). One thing terrible took place to one thing stunning whenever Valve allow Team Fortress 2 belong to spoil. For decades it had been practically impractical to play an informal game of TF2 without having to be overrun by automatic snipers who headshot anybody coming soon, spam hate message, and also drop links to youngster pornography.

Not quite happy with simply killing every person regarding the map, the bots began evolving.

The bots owned TF2. It absolutely was actually, actually, bad. Completely fed up after many years of neglect, the city finally chose to do something positive about it.

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