How many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi router

If you want to know how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi router. You should follow these step by step. Check below:

The first thing you need to do is log in to your router. Let me show you step by step what you have to do, follow all the steps and you have to open a browser to get complete information.

log in to your router

Any of your devices that are connected to your router and then in the address bar you have to type the IP address of your router, which you can find on the back of your router, in my case the IP address of my router is so it the router has an IP address, you have to find the IP address of your router which you can find behind your router and then you have to press enter key, you will get a login screen of your router.

If you have to enter a password and username, you can see that the username is white, and the password is also the administrator for this router by default, you have to look at the back of your router to see that the default user what is the name and password that username and password you have. If you have changed your login password then you must use that password so be sure to use the correct credentials of your router.

Login with D-Link

How do find out who is using my wifi and how you can block them?

  • Then you have to press login. You will get the option. After clicking on the status, you have to click on the wireless clients which are on the left-hand side menu and you can see the list that these are devices that are currently on my wifi router. Now you know how many devices are connected to my Wi-Fi router. And I know only two of these devices are mine and the rest are outsiders, who are using my wifi router, I am going to tell you how you can block them so that you can use your router. The first option is Mac In. Those devices have MAC addresses that are connected to your router, we are going to use these MAC addresses to prevent others from using our WiFi router so that I can show you how to do it.
Wireless Clients
  • After coming to a new tab advanced you will get the option filtering which is a part of advanced wireless settings. You click on MAC filtering. You have to enable the access control mode option, but before enabling it you will be advised to add the MAC address of the devices you want to access by clicking for your Wi-Fi router and then After entering the MAC address of the device, you will have to click on apply Like.
Mac Filtering
  • Before enabling this option you will need to add at least one device that is your device so that you do not get stuck because once you have enabled this device, the access control list included in the list will reach your WiFi router. Access is not going to happen, so make sure to at least enter the MAC address of one of your devices in the list so that after entering the MAC address you have to click the access control list.

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  • After that you will have to reboot your router, if we refresh it you will only have one device connected to the wifi router and the other will be disconnected because I have enabled the option on my router and the device with the MAC address will only be connected to wifi. The router is now that you can protect your Wi-Fi. I want to tell you that only your router has set the security mode. There is no wifi password but still, no one can access it until we do. Add the MAC address of the device to the router access control list, so that you can protect your WiFi from hackers.
MAC Addresses
  • You do not even need a wifi password, for this, you just have to enable this option, so let me tell you how you can get it.
Access Control Mode
  • I think you should also try to watch Youtube video for this trick.

Command Prompt

  • MAC address of the computer of your laptop, what you need to do, how to open a command prompt, you can find it in accessories, you will click on it, you will find it here at the command prompt and you have to type the command mac gate mac then you have to press the enter key on your keyboard and you can see the physical address.
  • The physical address is the MAC address of this computer, so this is the way you can find out if I want my computer to be connected to my wifi router, what I need to do is copy it and I needs to be connected only then my computer will be able to connect to my wifi router.
Command Prompt


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