Twitter has joined the list of informal communities offering Snapchat-like disappearing posts. Today, I’ll cover all the requirements to think about utilizing Twitter Fleets – including a bit by bit guide.

What are Twitter Fleets?

Twitter Fleets are Twitter’s answer to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and LinkedIn Stories. 

Like other social media platforms, Twitter presently permits you to make posts that disappeared in 24 hours. 

In contrast to standard Tweets, Fleets can’t be retweeted, embedded, or liked. 

Twitter Fleets permits you to: 

  1. Add text to your Fleet. 
  2. Modify the background 
  3. Share public Tweets 
  4. Record videos or take photographs 
  5. Transfer existing videos or photographs 

When seeing another person’s Fleets, you can: 

  1. Respond to Fleets with a pre-set list of emoticons 
  2. React to Fleets by communicating something specific

How long are Twitter Fleets? 

By Default, Twitter Fleets are six seconds in length. You can transfer recordings that are as long as 30 seconds in length. Nonetheless, you’ll need to manage down your video length on the off chance that it surpasses 30 seconds to utilize it in your Fleets. While transferring a lengthier video, Twitter will welcome you with an in-application video trimmer.

Step by step instructions to Utilize Twitter Fleets

Since we’ve covered the nuts and bolts about what Twitter Fleets are, we should plunge into subtleties on how you can begin utilizing it: 

The most effective method to View Other User’ Fleets

As of now, Twitter’s Fleet’s usefulness is just accessible on the versatile application. To see another user’s Fleet, you should sign in to the Twitter application from your smartphone, and you’ll see a bar at the highest point of your screen that showcases Fleets posted by users in your network. 

Click on Fleets, and Twitter will auto-play every one of the Fleets in your network. 

Like other social platforms, you can:

  1. Hold your finger down to stop a Fleet.
  2. Click-on, the left half of your screen to see the past Fleet.
  3. Click-on the right side of your screen to skip a Fleet.
  4. Swipe right to skip different Fleet posted by one user.
  5. React to a Fleet by communicating something specific (the message highlight will possibly show up if the user grants it) 
  6. Click the emoticon symbol to react with a response (the response highlight will possibly show up if the user permits it) 

Step by step instructions to Make Your Own Twitter Fleets 

Making Twitter Fleets isn’t entirely different from making Stories on Instagram or LinkedIn, yet there are some minor contrasts. 

How about we begin with making your first Fleets: 

  1. Sign in to the Twitter Application 
  2. Click-on the “New Fleets” button at the upper left of your screen 
  3. From here, you’ll have the option to share your “Short-lived thought” in the accompanying arrangements that are accessible at the lower part of your screen: 
  4. Text – text as it were 
  5. Gallery– pick existing media from your gallery. 
  6. Capture– snap a picture or video 
  7. Video– take a video. 

Please select your preferred configuration by holding your finger down and sliding it left or right. 

We should investigate how to utilize every one of the four kinds of Twitter fleet designs… 

The most effective method to Utilize Text Fleets 

  1. Click anyplace on the screen to enter your content
  2. Style your content: 
  3. Change the background of your content utilizing the paragraph symbol. 
  4. Bold your content utilizing the B symbol 
  5. Add a background to your content utilizing the Circle + Lines symbol. 
  6. Change the shade of your content utilizing the Filled Circle symbol. 
  7. Reposition your content by holding your finger on the content, at that point hauling it to your ideal area 
  8. Resize the content by holding two fingers on the content and extending or contracting them 
  9. Change your background color – click the colored Circle at the base left of your screen, and Twitter Armadas will haphazardly create foundation shading assortments. 
  10. Distribute your Fleets by tapping the Fleets button at the upper right of your screen.