'Hey everyone,' says Walmart executive to the single person in its new Roblox metaverse nightmare

Walmart is teaming with Roblox to produce not merely one but two “immersive experiences in metaverse.” Walmart Land (starts in brand new tab) and Walmart’s Universe of Enjoy (starts in brand new tab) each vow “unique interactive content and activity,” in Walmart’s words—pure innovation from beginning to end, no doubt—and each paints an image of the starkly bleak consumerist future in which every thing moved incorrect.

“We’re turning up in a huge way—creating community, content, activity and games through launch of Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Enjoy,” Walmart main advertising officer William White stated (starts in brand new tab). “Roblox is among the quickest growing and biggest platforms in metaverse, and now we understand our clients are investing lots of time here. Therefore, we’re centering on producing brand new and revolutionary experiences that excite them, one thing we’re currently doing in communities their current address, now, the digital globes in which they perform.”

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