Here's 8 minutes of Dead Space remake gameplay

It’s been quite a long time since I have’ve played Dead area (starts in brand new tab), and my memories from it are predictably hazy. It is lucky, then, your brand new extensive game play walkthrough released today includes bits that compare the latest game towards initial side-by-side, therefore I really can observe much things have actually enhanced.

Like this, as an example.

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

It’s nevertheless really Dead area: black corridors, creepy enemies, and abundant dismemberment due to commercial cutting tools being placed to get results in manners which they had been not created for (yet are interestingly with the capacity of). Isaac Clarke, the regrettable engineer caught inside sci-fi nightmare, additionally places their heavy metal and rock area shoes to good usage, since the next-best thing to chopping ’em up is stomping ’em straight down.

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