Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare II is finally away and Infinity Ward has updated the overall game’s site to incorporate a typical page exactly about playing the overall game on PlayStation 5. It carries a glance at all of the exclusive bonuses PlayStation players get for playing the overall game on that platform, too, as reported by Video Games Chronicle

If you are acquainted PlayStation’s typical bonuses for Call of Duty players, you probably will not be astonished by this present year’s exclusives, but brand new players will discover it’s in fact a lot. Here is what PlayStation players are becoming:

  • Battle Pass Bundle Bonus: Unlock brand new gear and goodies much faster, PlayStation players that buy a Battle Pass Bundle can get yet another 5 tier skips. That is a total of 25 tier skips. 
  • Double XP Points: PlayStation players can anticipate exclusive Monthly Double XP occasions (24 hour timeframe), therefore create to enhance your ranking. 
  • Combat packages: obtain a free in-game bundle each Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare II period. Includes such products being an Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprint, Emblem, and many other things. Restricted time just for PlayStation Plus users. 
  • PlayStation Party Bonus: Teamwork makes the fantasy work. PlayStation players that play together in events get +25percent bonus tool XP. The bonus nevertheless matters whenever having fun with cross-platform teammates. 
  • Extra Loadouts: be ready for any situation. PlayStation players obtain an extra 2 loadout slots, prepared for modification. Available whenever Create-A-Class unlocks upon reaching amount 4. 

As you can observe, that is a lot for PlayStation players. The irony is the fact that PlayStation was using shots at Xbox about its in-the-works purchase of Activision Blizzard, citing that when Xbox acquires the business (and so, Call of Duty as first-party name), PlayStation fans will totally lose from the overall game, or at the least, Xbox players can get less expensive out from the show. That is exactly what PlayStation says so that they can block the purchase from taking place in formal procedures…while additionally offering players exclusive bonuses for contemporary Warfare II on PlayStation. 

Speaking of this, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan recently unveiled that when Xbox acquires Activision Blizzard, Call of Duty will continue to be on PlayStation platforms for 3 years following the present standing contract expires. Make sure to take a look at Call of Duty: contemporary Warfare II launch trailer before leaping in. 

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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