Hidden Gmail Features


  • Gmail is an extremely important tool for every professional. It not only helps you to send that crucial email for closing deals but also to communicate with your colleagues and superiors to make the work easier. Gmail has several features that have made sending emails a smooth task. You can send files easily and quickly through Gmail. However, there might be some features that you are not aware of.
  • For professionals whose life depends on exchanging official emails, knowing all the features including the hidden ones, becomes necessary.
  • In this post, we will be talking about some common features of Gmail and 5 of its hidden features that you need to know about.

What are some of the common features of Gmail?

Gone are the days when you had to write an official letter and wait for days for the recipient to read and reply to the same. With the advancement of technology, you can send emails within a few seconds and the recipient reads them instantly, therefore, leading to a faster decision-making process. Not only that could you send documents or files with a handwritten letter before? No, right? Well, Gmail has made that possible and now you can send files, documents, pictures, and more with the click of a button.

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Let us present you with a list of some of the common Gmail features that you might be using already:-

 1) You can include a signature to your emails – If you are a hot-shot professional, you might want to promote your brand to the recipients and the best way to do it is by including a signature to the emails that you are sending. You can include your designation and your company logo in the signature. How to do it? Click on “Settings” and then on “Signature”. After selecting “On” you can add your designation, company logo, website link, and even your professional networking platform links.

 2) You can utilize the auto-responder feature in case you are out on a vacation – Are you out on a vacation and looking to enjoy your vacation peacefully? If yes, you can use the auto-responder feature of Gmail to notify the sender that you are away and will be back by a specified date. Follow the following steps: Settings – Vacation responder – Vacation responder on – Punch in the 1st date of your vacation and then the last.

 3) You can give priority to your unread emails – In order to make sure you give priority to the unread emails, perform the following steps: – Settings – Inbox – Inbox type – Unread first.

 4) You can attach images – You can either attach images by browsing through your device or copy and paste images directly to the email body. Doesn’t it sound simple?

 5 hidden Gmail features that you should know about

Now that you have had a recap of some of the common Gmail features, you must be curious to know about the hidden Gmail features so that you can utilize the app in a better way. Following are the hidden features:-

  • Smart Compose – Do you want to send an important email to a client? Are you running short of professional terms? Don’t worry. Gmail’s “Smart Compose” feature, which is one of the best hidden Gmail features, predicts the words or the phrases that you intend to type and suggests the same to you. All you need to do is tap at the end of the suggested phrase and Voila! The phrase appears in the email body. You can also perform the following steps: Gmail settings – Scroll down to the “Smart Compose” option, and enable “Writing suggestions on”
  • Schedule the date and time for sending emails – Do you want an email to be sent at a particular date and time but want to compose it now? You can do it now by performing the following steps:- Compose an email – Click on the down arrow beside “Send” – Click the “Schedule Send” option – Select the “Pick date and time” option.
  • Message at a faster speed – The “Advanced tab” option of Gmail navigates you to the next email or the previous email in case you have deleted or archived an email. It helps in increasing Gmail productivity. It is, however, not available for the iOS platform.
  • Read more than just 50 emails per page – This feature is one of the latest Gmail features and can help you read more emails than what is set by default. You can do the same by following these steps:- Go to the General tab settings of Gmail – Select “Maximum page size”. You might ask, “What is the use of following such a tedious procedure?” Well, with the help of this feature, you can read 100 emails per page instead of 50 which is set by default.
  • Read emails by specifying date – This being one of the latest Gmail features surely boosts Gmail productivity by allowing you to read an old email. You need to specify the date to search more efficiently. You can search an email before a specified date or after a specified date.


In order to use Gmail efficiently and for greater Gmail productivity, knowing the hidden Gmail features is absolutely essential. It makes your life a lot easier to live and it certainly helps you have a better professional life as well.

Use the hidden Gmail features now!

Why be outdated when you know the hidden Gmail features. Use them now and be technologically updated!

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