Santa Monica Studio has revealed the nine various layouts modes designed for Jesus of War Ragnarök across PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. 

PS5 players having a television that supports HDMI 2.1 are specifically set for a delicacy as that possibly provides them six various modes available according to whether their television comes with a high framework price display (120hz refresh price) and adjustable refresh price. Let us break each mode down: 

God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 5 Graphics Modes

  • Favor Performance: 1440p – 2160p, 60 FPS target

  • Favor Efficiency + tall Refresh speed show1440p, unlocked 60 FPS

  • Favor Efficiency + tall Refresh speed show + Varriable Refresh speed: 1440p, unlocked 60 FPS

  • Favor Quality2160p (native 4K), 30 FPS target

  • Favor Quality + tall Refresh speed show: 1800p – 2160p, 40 FPS target

  • Favor Quality + tall Refresh speed show + Variable Refresh Rate1800p – 2160p, unlocked 40 FPS

God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 4 Graphics Modes

  • Pro benefit Performance: 1080p – 1656p, unlocked 30 FPS

  • Pro prefer Quality: 1440p – 1656p, 30 FPS target

  • Standard PS4: 1080p, 30 FPS target

As you can observe, there is a great deal happening regarding layouts modes because of this game, and that is great – the greater choices, the higher! No matter where you perform or the manner in which you perform, it appears like you are in for the good time on the basis of the very first five hours associated with the game. You’ll read that which we seriously considered those very first hours within our Jesus of War Ragnarök spoiler-free impressions right here.

For more in regards to the game, make sure to take a look at Game Informer’s exclusive protection hub for Jesus of War Ragnarök. 

Which layouts mode might you used in the overall game? Inform us inside feedback below!

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