GTA 6 footage leaks, Revolut gets hacked, and Wipro fires 300 for

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  • GTA 6 footage leakages: approximately 90 videos for the next Grand Theft car game leaked out recently, using the uploader claiming to possess hacked Rockstar Games’ interior Slack. Rockstar confirmed the “network intrusion,” incorporating they are “extremely disappointed” to see things released in this way but that development will “continue as prepared.”
  • Wipro fires 300 workers for moonlighting: India’s IT giant Wipro “has fired 300 workers lately have been discovered become moonlighting for rivals,” writes Manish, with Wipro president Rishad Premji calling moonlighting an “act of integrity breach.”
  • Revolut hacked: Banking/financial solutions startup Revolut confirmed recently that hackers had the ability to breach details for the “small portion” of its clients. The business declined getting particular about just how many clients that actually works away to, however a breach disclosure filed with authorities into the business’s house nation of Lithuania recommends it is around 50,000.
  • Brelyon’s crazy monitor: desire one thing more immersive compared to a standard monitor but don’t would like a VR headset strapped towards face? Brelyon is attempting to reimagine the display, and they’ve raised $15 million from the pretty impressive roster of investors to have it done.
  • Kia and Hyundai sued over design flaw: earlier in the day this present year, a TikTok went viral that publicized a not-very-complicated solution to take specific types of Kia and Hyundai automobiles. Now a course action lawsuit happens to be filed from the automakers, using the grievance claiming the automobiles had been “deliberately” built without “engine immobilizers,” which Rebecca defines being an “inexpensive and extremely typical unit” designed to avoid this problem.
  • Google’s brand new Chromecast: couple of years ago, Bing established a 4K form of the Chromecast — the very first Chromecast ahead by having a devoted remote, instead of needing a smartphone for every thing. They’re now bringing exactly the same design along with a remote on less expensive HD (1080p) model. The HD model will surely cost $30, even though the 4K variation will surely cost $50.
  • Facebook users sue Meta over iOS monitoring: “The grievance,” writes Taylor, “alleges that Meta evaded Apple’s brand new limitations by monitoring users through Facebook’s in-app web browser, which starts links in the app.”

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